I am using a laptop, windows vista and like to record from a record. I have the red and white wire connected to the LineOut at the receiver and connected to the laptop, spliced together at the "audio connector (Microphone). When I have the digital monitoring on, the sound is horrible, even so the record by itself is flawless, no matter how I slide the audio volume. At the input line, the only choice I have is “mastervolume”
Wished someone knows what I am doing wrong. Would appreciate your help, thanks

The output from a record player is a much weaker signal that from other sources such as CD players and Cassette Tape decks. The signal also needs RIAA equalization (unlike the linear signal from CD players and Tap decks).

You should put an “RIAA pre-amplifier” between the output from your record player and the Line In on your computer.

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