AML002 wontburn on 851s or 851s@832s

havent been able to run AML002 +r medium on the liteon drives with current patched firmware. Nero 6.3 says the burns are complete but during the burn process there are strange happenings in Nero. …It takes about 2 minutes for the leadin and about 8minutes for the leadout…when doing a kprobe scan or error checking scan it always stops at 8%, you can tell by looking at the disk that only a little is written too.

have been able to write to this same media(aml002) with
4.plextor 708
5.nutech ddr081

have tried to change the write option with omnipatcher and write at only 4x but same things happens :frowning:

any ideas guys, of course the kprobe scans of the disks burned on the other drives are acceptable but not good, like pi avg 200

even though the disks have a writing stratedy of 8x the liteon seems to only be able to handle them at 4x…and then they are only readable on certain dvd drives :frowning:
Have had these blanks hanging around since i first bought a plextor 708 when they first came out. So sort of my fault for not having played around with crappy medium before. But was really more suprised at the way Nero 6.3.25 handled them:( it made it look like it was writing to them when it wasnt.

well AML media suck in liteon. Got tons of coaster if u really wan some.