AML Manufactured DVD-Rs ok?



I bought a bunch of “CompUSA” branded AML DVD-Rs. Are these DVD-Rs decent for archiveal purposes?


Archive? No, I personaly wouldn’t trust them. As backed up WORKING disks maybe, but I only trust Taiyo Yuden, and perhaps some MKM and MCC codes. (Newer MCC codes are sometimes actualy produced by CMC Mag if I’m not mistaken though.) This confusion about who actualy manufactured disks with codes we USED to trust IMPLICITLY has lead me to only using Taiyo Yudens for archival disks though. There’s no telling what the shelf life will be like for anything else these days IMHO.



When Micro Center had a sale on their Platinum Disks I got the DVD+R and DVD-R 4X for about 24 cents apiece. Both turned out the be AML. The DVD-R had terrible QS, whereas the +R wasn’t that bad.
In my opinion I wouldn’t use these disks for archiveal. Backed up a movie on the -R for the player in the car. Disk didn’t last a month in the car. TY’s are still going strong.


I had a batch of 100 Kodak-branded AML-001 4x-rated discs. They were ALL garbage, and I had maybe 25 barely usable burns out of that 100. I’d take 'em back right away if I got another bunch of AML… also avoid BenQ-branded DAXON AZ2 media.
Get something generally known to be good, like Verbatim or Fuji or Taiyo Yuden for archival purposes.


I had a batch of media that were branded as AML. The newer drives can’t do crap with them so stay away but my NEC ND2500A loved those things and I had recently scanned a couple of those discs to see how they are standing the test of time and luckily enough they seem to be holding up rather well yet! I’m rather pleased. :slight_smile: