AML DVD media

Just bought me Maxell-branded discs, which did indeed turn out to be RICOHJPN R03

For a giggle, I also picked up a 5-pack of ASDA brand +R 8x media in slim cases, just to see what they code out as: AML 002…guess they’re good for giveaways, hehe. Only £3.something, so I didn’t lose much. :slight_smile:

Don’t be too suprised if you get decent results with them, I’ve used a few hundred of them and the results I get are generally as good as or better than your first RICOHJPN R03 scans. It can vary by brand but I’ve found them quite good for cheap, Made in China media.

Yeah, funny you should say that - I burned one on my Samsung, and the result wasn’t bad. About the same as the RICOHJPN R03 above.

Definitely not bad for £3-odd. :wink:

And I have alot of burns that are 1+ year old, no problems that I’ve found so far. They’ve become my favorite truly bargain media - I bought about 400 of them when they were about about $6 per 100 (about the same price as your 5 pack :smiley: ) and for that price they are great.

Why doesn’t the price difference surprise me - you Americans are soooooo lucky :smiley:

Even for £3 a time they aren’t bad, though. I think it’s maybe a case of finding the right burner for them, as I’ve seen countless failed burns with them in the Nero/Newbie Forums. :slight_smile:


Thanks Drage :wink:

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The cheapest 100 DVD pack which can be had in Europe is:
Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R (Silver Top) for € 13.33 + tax + shipping @ Disc Impex, Athens, Greece.

Was it $6 with or without tax? Were any MIRs or similar things involved?

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It was a once or twice in a year type of sale, the last couple years Staples (‘office supply’ type of retailer + online) has had awesome deals on cheap media when retailers traditionally have big sales. Normally these discs don’t sell for any cheaper than most other media :frowning:

You can always trust me to create a bit of chaos :wink:

As for the AML’s I bought…they’re also available in cakeboxes of 25, haven’t checked the price though. With the 5-pack, I guess I was paying for the slim cases as well :wink:

Thanks Drage, you passed the thread-splitting test I prepared for you. :wink:

kg, the deal involved a rebate(s), which I hate, but in the case of Staples they are what’s known as easy rebates - filed online with your order number, takes about 10 seconds and you get the rebate within a month. It’s easy enough that I don’t even know why they bother with a rebate, as the benefit of a retailer doing rebates is holding onto your money for an extended period of time and making them a hassle to file the rebates. I’m expecting they’ll have another good sale on what’s known as ‘Black Friday’, the largest shopping day in the U.S. towards the end of this month. I’ve also gotten hundreds of CMC E01 and AE1 for about $8-10 per 100 during other similar sales of theirs (no rebates with those). That’s a great deal for T02, although shipping + tax/etc. doesn’t help. I’d love to see a bargain price on T02 here in the U.S. so you’ve got that on us.

Back to the discs, my AML002 perform about the same in all of my 8x and faster burners, I know some people have had problems with certain burners but no troubles here (not bad at 12x either the few times I’ve tried). If you see a really good price on them and like trying different media codes, give them a try. For what they are, cheap MIC media, they perform as well as alot of more common and ‘respected’ media codes. Made in China media has a poor reputation but I’m willing to try anything out for myself - if a disc performs well enough for me, I don’t care where it’s made. Any time you use media with an unknown track record for stability you are taking some risk, but I’ve had no problems with these.

ROTFL :wink: :clap:

Yep, same here, which is why I picked these up. I’m actually glad I did, as they’re not half bad in my Sammy. And you mentioning that you have some a year old is encouraging :wink:

Edit: oh, and since you guys mentioned it…T02 is expensive in B&M stores here (and hard to find)…but…I just can’t resist it :sad:

What brands have AML MID ?
The only MIC media I find here in Egypt is fake Sony with fake TY MID :doh:

The brand I bought mine under was the supermarket in-house Asda brand.

I’ve used them under the brands ‘Playo’ and ‘Nexxtech’ (Circuit City brand), and unbranded silver top.