AML 4x: which strategy?

I was given (as a present… :confused: ) a 50-pack of “Six” discs (4x DVD-R, AML). The quality of scan on these well-known crappy media are… how to say? Embarassing :iagree: .
Is there a strategy to get better (or, if you prefer, “less worse”) burns from these discs?

From my experience from burning AML disc on Liteon, I dun think there is any strategy to work with AML disc. LiteOn simply sucked on burning AML disc. Maybe u should get a NEC to try burning AML disc before u burn more coaster with it.

I use AML 4X dvdr+ with 451s
using 2.4X can get good quality pipo (in hong kong, hkd$33/10pcs)
4X sometimes toc fail after write