AML_1 Kprobe



Hey Guys,

I was playing around with my Lite-On 165H6 HV9N and Kprobe.
Had some old MicroCenter Platinum DVD+R 1-4x lying around.
So I thought I’d just burn the disk and do a Kprobe on it.

These are AML1

Did a create a data disk on Nero 6.
Then I did this scan on the disk using Kprobe.
What do you think!!!
Suprised the heck out of me.


Same disk with Nero Speed Disk


What’s the TRT like? :slight_smile:


Wow. Excellent scans, especially considering this media types’ mediocre reputation.
I wonder whether they’ll age well though…


Not too much of a suprise for me, I have burned hundreds of AML002 and they’re actually quite decent media. They have been stable so far, some going back to around 16 months or so.


Don’t know how well they will age. Blank disks are already a few years old (had them sitting on an old bookcase which I had to clean because the wife wanted the room repainted).

These are AML001, so you know they are a few years old.


No too bad imo…


Actually that’s a pretty bad TRT for a LiteOn drive, but the dips seem to be at fixed intervals so I wonder whether this could be due to some other (background) process you’re running?

If you’re not already running CDSpeed with the “Realtime” priority, then I suggest you change this in options (File => Options , Priority: Realtime) and do the TRT again without anything else (except system tasks) running.


Thanks for the suggestion, made the changes.

What do you think??


Ran it again, I guess the the drop in speed at 1.5 gig was just a blip.