AML 001 Datacell dvds and 2500a



Hi All

Are there known promblems with the aml 001 dye on these dvds as i was in pound land the otherday and saw they had a tub of 4 for a quid (i no this is not good value) so i purchased quite a few packs (wish i didnt now) and have since burnt one with avi files on it seems problematic. The dvds are Datacell DVD+R with the AML 001 dye structure. I use a nec 2500a with a stock firmware and generally use only quality media like ritek go4/go5 and also some from bulkpaq and all are fine and work flawlessly.

The main question is i purchased aload of these AML001 disks shall i go return them and get some better media online? I also just invested in a R300 for my birthday and would like to know what full face printables i should purcahse for use with my drive preferably from

many thanks



Hi can someone please just say yes return them or not please i think i shud take them back but would like a second opinion.




AML is crap media. A friend asked me to burn a few data discs, he got Sky DVD-R AML. My Nec 2500 was able to burn them but the quality was bad ( PIF and speed read test)


Cheers mate i have 8 boxes of 4 disks in each i will go and return them as it is not sold fit for purpose as it is soooooo crap i am also using a nec 2500a.