Amiga Vs. PeeCee... Fight!

:confused: OK, how I wish! …but I sadly the has Amiga died only now having the odd use for fun and memories… Ahh those were the days! :smiley:

Anywho, stepping back into WideScreen & Colour, MORE help is needed once again… Yes I’m a busy chap, who has many hobbies on my PeeCee as well as other… stuff! :slight_smile:

Have any of you guyz/galz tried using their Amiga Hardrive on there PeeCee desktop? :confused:

I have an old Amiga 1200 with all the KooL stuff in it, like an Apollo accelarator running it at mc68030 and 64mb of Chip mem, but the thing is, I wanna give the damm thing away now as I think its time… Hmmm… Just about!
I have many young relatives far away whom would better the machines usage than I could now and theres three of the machines!

Anywho, to try a cut along story short (too late) I wanna get all my stuff off the old Hardisk before sending it packing to seek some sun. :cool:
I use to create alot of Animation, Pictures and most of all MODS (4 track & 8 track) or music files. :o

I have in the past got WinAMP to play the TooNz… I think?
So would love to make some use of my KooL TooNz once again!

The Amiga HD isn’t there standard 2.5" but the larger 3.5" like those used on a PeeCee desktop so thats NO problem shoving it into my desktop, but - WHAT SOFTWARE - must one use to get access to it? :confused:

I haven’t done this type of e-thing in ages, but from the last I remember, Fellow 3 or something was Amiga to PeeCee stuff and PCTask but that was PeeCee on the Amiga!
Anywho, can ANYONE please help! :confused:

Thanks in advance my good e-Brotherz ‘n’ e-Sisterz, your help will be rewarded… one day… promise! :slight_smile:

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