Amiga 500

Hi, dont know if this is the right place for this but i will give it a try, i have a amiga 500 yes its old , but i got it out of storage , i have alot of games for it, and they are on a floppy is there anyway i can transfer the games to a cd and play them on my new computer .

If these games are written to be played on an Amiga computer, I don’t think that these games will be usable on a different computer

The only way you can play Amiga games on a PC is by using an Amiga emulator program. The Amiga architecture is totally different to PCs. You can’t even read an Amiga floppy disk in a PC without special hardware.

As for copying the Amiga games to CD, most Amiga floppies are copy protected, and you would need to bypass this.

There are many Amiga games images available that have already been “converted” to run on a PC Amiga emulator program from CD, but you would have to find them yourself.

Hello, raider. If you are looking for Amiga games check out this link Amiga games. You can find many interesting games, overviews and screenshots. Good gaming, guys!