Amiga 1200 Accelerator



anyone got an amiga1200 accelerator for sale?
i`ll give good price.E-MAIL me…cheers


Geez! I haven’t seen the good old miggy mentioned anywhere in years. I think I’m off to dig mine out from under the bed (Putty etc. here I come!)

Sorry Jacksoft, not a useful post. Just stating my enthusiasm!



AMiGA RuLeZ MaNN! Still have mine around and still used it when I can. PeeCee’z or Laptop/Notebooks as I use now are KooL and all, but have only more recently become more fun to use and with software to match the standard that the AMiGA had.

However, the AMiGA emulator on the PeeCee isn’t bad at all and I’m working on ripping the 3.2 and 3.5 Rom, making it available to download for PeeCee userz, using the Amiga Emu.

I used to have a Blizzard 060 Accelerator, but got rid of that a few years back now… was great though, till PII cam about, then PIII and soon PIV.
I still have an Apollo 030, but with only 64 fast mem. Guess I’d like to part with it and help you out, but could only buy a couple of beers with money I’d get with it, if you get me.

I think, Jacksoft, its best to go fishing on the offical AMiGA web site, you may find some NEWER and KooLer stuff to get your hands on, to upgrade, as I’m sure you know that Rom 3.5 is available and has been tweaked alot to work better with Accelerator boardz.

Sorry again, for another bit of pointless POST, but again, AMiGA RuLeZ (kinda) and I too had to have a quick shout out!

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