Amethystum Optoelectronics BD-R SL


HQ4U 25GB 6x / AMESOBR02

Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @ 2x (only available speed)

The last 2 discs of the cake have this MID.
Never seen it before


You are very lucky - media with Amethystum Optoelectronics’ MID codes are extremely rare. :eek:
BTW - I changed the thread title to Amethystum Optoelectronics BD-R SL.


Are these are the guys that produce actual Optodisc-media?

Mediocre quality, but I started to test my hq4u with OTCBDR002-code, it seems to be awful junk


Yes, they are/were the OEM producer of Optodisc BD-Rs.
Vogelschreck is probably the world’s first person publishing the test results of this MID code online.


Thank you for edit.

HQ4U sells C grade media for low prices.
Sometimes you have 3 different MIDs in 1 cake.

All discs have a blank top


Only 2x? Maybe the Pioneer don´t know the MID and switch to lowest speed with an universal-strategy?


The same tactic was used by several smaller European DVDR manufacturers in 2003-2004. They used to mix 2 or even 3 MID codes in the same cake box so you won’t have to throw away, or, God forbid, RMA the whole cake if your burner does not support or particularly like one MID code.


Ok haha.
I think they get much RMAs anyways, if you look the customer ratings at Amazon.

Yes I think unknown MIDs are limited to 2x.


Hui, sure?

OK, Optodisc and Amethystum can be from the same factories, but LGE and prodisc-codes also?

I know several smaller CD/DVD-makers use codes of other manufacturers because they had no own MID or at last their MID were not supported.

In case of hq4u it looks like they buy the cheapest products they found and fill in in cakeboxes.

Anyone remember the lables Budget, Bulkpaq and Tuffdisc? They do the same, made an own Logo, use a thick surface coating. I had also 3-4 different codes in one cakebox, TTG01, CMC AF1, TTG02, MCC 02RG20. And: It were no fakes, according to very good burning-results.


It is unclear who manufactures current LG and Prodisc BD-Rs (if they are not just old stocks). The original LG BD-Rs had been produced by LG South Korea and Info Source Multimedia Ltd Hong Kong.

These brands usually used to get the rejects from the printing stage of the manufacturing process (mainly from CMC Magnetics or Prodisc) and reprint them with their own labels - the labels had to be thick as they had to hide to original label. These rejects had no functional flaws and were often as good as the A-grade “big branded” media.
In a worse case scenario, you would get a B/C grade products with minor physical defects (dye defects, bubbles in bonding layer etc) or even rejects from the manufacturing process.