Americans want a ‘Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights’



When it comes to the Internet and Online privacy of personal information most Americans are willing to share their personal information with companies but not when it gets too personal, even though there are some differences in opinions due to the generation gap the majority of them want more control over what can be collected and they want to know exactly what data companies are collecting about them and have the ability to turn off the spigot when they feel it is needed, some even want something in return for giving up their data.

A survey of around 1,000 U.S. adults young and old done by PwC shows that about 72 percent ages 18 to 29 would hand over their personal data in return for discounts on movie tickets while only 56 percent of those ages 45 to 59 would.


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Stormy, I’d rather than opinions labeled as “Americans” when they bother to use more than 1,000 people.

I wish they’d pay us for our private-details, personally. “If you use your own credit-card, we’ll pay you a thousand dollars…”

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No matter how many Americans or even people in general was in the survey or even if a survey was done at all, the bottom line is that the policymakers needs to establish rules for online privacy when it comes to the protection of the consumers personal data, because even with today’s technology and the developments of some privacy enhancing tools that are available not all consumers are savvy enough to utilize such technology to protect their personal data so congress must take action on this on going problem.



A couple of my peeves are they use information about me they neither paid for or have signed permission to use. I’m not as sure about they second one because of the sneaky way various companies get customers to wave their privacy.
Like insurance companies that want the right to share "within " the company . Then send you a notice inside a bill for you to fill out if you want to limit it. Then they are owned or partnerd with a bank so it gets “shared” everywhere.
My other one is online phone number lookup. White pages, etc. ,I can look up a number but if I want any real useful information I have to pay for it. Even if it is my own number.
As bad as I hate this idea . I think the government should take this over & freely have phone number information at least as good as 411 used to be.


I find this ironic. Many of the people that want privacy are posting all manners of crap about their personal lives on YouTube, Facebook etc. They don’t seem to understand that potential employers research sites like Facebook, YouTube etc. to glean personal information prior to making a hiring decision. Many employers search for information on their employees on these sites too. The younger people don’t seem to care much about privacy but as they get older they might regret a lot of the stuff they have put out to the world. I tell many people in my family that I don’t want to see photos, information about me showing up on Facebook. I find sad that I have to make this clear to them and that they have such little respect for others’ privacy.