Americans switching from broadband to dial-up

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Dial-up Internet access was expected to be dead by now, but the struggling global economy has lengthened the life of the archaic Internet technology, with some consumers even switching from broadband…

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There is NO way I could ever switch back to dial-up… no matter what the cost savings per month would be. I would give up my cable or satellite tv service and home phone (which i already have) before giving up my broadband internet service.

They can have my broadband internet service when they pry it from my cold dead hands… :bigsmile:

Dialup is beyond a joke, even for casual users. It is so utterly painful I wouldn’t use it even if my broadband went down. I’d just hook into my neighbors open WiFi network instead.

Let’s see, 56Kb at best, with no more than 4-6KB/sec on downloads. Hmmmm, hard decision…hmmmm…don’t think so. I remember back in that day that it took me a week to download just a few hundred MB’s. No thank you, you can get DSL lite from AT&T for just a little more than dial up. If you want to keep your sanity, I would recommend it. Besides, as Bitrate said, tap into your neighbors open wifi connection. I get 2 open Wifi connections here near my house. Unless you eat up the guys bandwidth all the time, he won’t miss it or even notice it.

I have been using dial-up for over 10 years and unless broadband charges come down a lot I will continue to use it. There have been times I was offered what appeared to be a reasonable price but when I read the fine print and found out it was going to cost 3 or 4 times as much as they initially offered I said No way will I ever pay $50 or more for a connection. 50 to 52 kbps works fine for me.

Using an “open” WiFi without permission is stealing.

I’ve been on broadband for 10 years, and I thought dialup was slow 10 years ago. I can only imagine that webpages require even more bandwidth now… websurfing must be really slow on dialup?

What nonsense…with wifi all over your street and cheap lite alternatives, no need for such articles…only proffers panic for those in recession. Maybe satellite internet is alternative

No it isn’t. It is no different than receiving a radio signal and thats what it is in the first place. Back in the day, you could get all kinds of stations for free over the air with a big dish antenna. What did some of the stations do in return? They scrambled their signal to make you pay for it. Were the people that had big dish antennas criminals? No. They were simply picking up an openly transmitted signal. Now if I purposely broke into the guys secured network, then that would be stealing. But to say that a person openly transmitting a signal over the air is stealing, now that is nonsense.

I agree with shaolin007… when i can walk into a MickeyD’s and get free WiFi c’mon. If you are knowingly running an unsecured or “open” WiFi network in my book that is an invitation to use plain and simple… If you don’t want people using it, then don’t broadcast an unsecure signal.

And as far as satellite internet as an alternative goes, NO WAY! Used to have it, costs 2~3 times as much (or more) as cable or DSL for less than half the bandwidth and your downloads are CAPPED! The only way it is a viable alternative is if you can get neither cable or DSL where you live.

Yes and no. It depends on what country you are in. Different countries, different laws. US does not have a clear case, so for now you are safe, but doing the same in England would see you trialed for unauthorised access (does not apply to wifi networks publicly announced as open and free).

What I find funny is “as broadband prices drop even further.” Yeah, right.
I haven’t noticed prices dropping, at least in Canada.

You’re right. I curently have 1.5 Mb/sec Qwest DSL, and it costs about $40.00/month. If I just now started as a new customer, I could get 7 Mb/sec DSL for about that same price. The only people that the price is going down for are the new customers.

Good! GET OFF MY CABLE NODE!!! I don’t like to share bandwidth unless it is my neighbors unsecured wireless networks I can plunder!!!

                                 Arrrrrr! [IMG][/IMG]

10 year old kids have 27 Mb/sec ADSL connection in their house all over europe for $35 euros = about $46/ month here in Canada and it is unlimited traffic inside your country , 200 gigs start counting when packets hit international Border routers.

Do not even attempt to go against what i just typped don’t be a jackass everyone knows this info by now if you don’t you are on slow ass broadband. America is sleeping and allowing the rest of the world to pull away
Too much fkin greed here too many jackasses stealing billions left and right and get a tether on their leg. This crap does not exist in Europe.

Steal Wifi LEECH Wifi and hack the crap out of wifi networks the Internet was made to exchange packets not to fckin buy crap online!!!:bigsmile:

I agree…America is losing the pace on internet. Too many slobs eating big macs and buying stuff they cannot afford…cause of recession. Americans just sit back and do not read…slouches and crotches all of it.

WTF I thought i was going to get flammed for my post. I did not meant to offend anybody. It’s just frustrating that we can not have at least the same speed broadband here. I am not lying about their speeds this is Portugual’s ADSL service
LOOK AT THE FKIN SPEED!!! and price god I am crying
AND NOW NO CAP LIMITS!!! Crying again!!!

I got on cox cable broadband about 10 years ago when I had to pay $300.00 for the modem… Service was 6mbps for $39.99 or $29.99 if you had at least basic cable @ $9.99. Now they want $32.95 for 1.5mbps. I got on a value basic plan when they offered it of 512kbps for $14.99. now they raised it to $19.99 with no speed increase. So i cancelled the home phone which saved $18.00 a month. I don’t see prices going down. at all.

I just downgraded from a 7 Mb/sec to a 2 Mb/sec service to save some $$$ and I am dying/crying, so I can’t even imagine dial-up.

US is not far behind. Verizon FIOS, if your lucky to be in their service area, offers speeds up to 50Mb over fiber. AT&T fiber optic, in my area for instance, offers 18Mb. Time Warner cable offers 10Mb but charge just as much for it as AT&T 18Mb line and even has a crappy upstream speed of 512Kb compared to AT&T’s 1.5Mb.Windstream offer a 12Mb line also if you are in their area. I know some people with Comcast that have 18Mb-22Mb lines. It looks like certain ISP’s in the USA are getting there. Personally, I would prefer a better upstream speed over downstream, a nearly 1 to 1 ratio would be nice.