Americans don't care about email-scanning

I just posted the article Americans don’t care about email-scanning.

About 54% from the Americans asked about the scanning of email for criminal content (hacking, terrorists, childporn etc) doesn’t mind and is even in favour of it. Because 73% of the asked is…

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americans are dumbass, that’s all…

may we remind america that there are other countries on the face of our planet and if they start scanning UK emails then there’ll be trouble. The problem is that really bad things (eg. Child porn) are used as an excuse for stuff like this… clearly an excercise designed to recover corporate losses. We really have to think about this. A machine scanning every email? Read George Orwells 1984 and then think again.

I agree but unfortunatly the information won’t just be used to stop highly antisocial behaviour. The scanning of e-mails is just another excuse in a step towards America’s goal in turning the internet and even the world into a policed state.But it’s already begun, just try sending an email in Washinton with the word plutonium in the header or look at the spy plane captured in China with the capability to scan all known electromagnetic frequencies. All this because the US GOVT percives itself to have the most to lose or should I say the corporations that prop it up. Therefore you don’t need to sign away your rights in the land of the 'free’it’s already been done for you!

America is a total fuck up of a country. They’re all so far up their own asses they think they own the world and they want to try to public say spying is bad and try to bring an end to it only so they can do it behind everyone backs and therefore become the leading world power. The americans have for years wanted to be the total world power that controls and rules and they are going to push it too far one day and have the rest of the world show them that they are only a PART of the world, not the whole of the world. This is just one more lame excuse by the american government to spy on the world and try to monitor everything that’s happening. Anyway, this whole discussion is pointless because everyone already knows that the CIA already probably does this. The americans just want to be able to do it openly so that they can budget for it easier.

you heard of those american bases in belgium spying phone calls and stuff ?? whatever is happening on hearth, US always gotta get their nose and rules a sutuation they have nothing to do with…