Americans do not believe copyright infringment is a big deal

I just posted the article Americans do not believe copyright infringment is a big deal.

So in going along with the FUD story that was posted earlier this week on the news channels, it appears that most of the population thinks that performing copyright infringement is not that big of a…

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Why should it be just Americans who believe that copyright infringment is no big deal… I think in general the entire world feels the same way also… The MPAA and RIAA will still get their revenue from commercial businesses which use their products…

As an American I don’t quite agree that copyright infringement is not a “bad thing”. What I do think is that the DMCA was a mean trick on us and it stripped us of our fair use rights. I also do not think television shows that are broadcast ad nauseum over the airwaves are such a big deal to download and watch, as I consider this time shifting. Finally, the thing that bothers me most is how the RIA and thMPAA are using copyright laws that were written prior to the internet age and were most likely aimed at profiteers, being used against private citizens as a method of control via civil case suits. I find this tactic used by these agencies to be no more than extortion. I also feel that the reason for the lawsuits has little to do with “piracy”, since no one is getting rich by downloading. It is all about control of the consumers at large. The controls are needed in order for the entertainment industry to be able to sell us back, what were once, our fair use rights. Long live BitTorrent! Boycott Blue laser and the DRM technology payload it carries. :d

Americans of all people should care about copyright infringement since their comparative advantage is entirely in the realm of idea creation. The Chinese can produce physical goods at lower cost, the Indians can provide technical services at lower cost, and the gap is only widening if standardized test scores are to be believed. If Americans lose the ability to exploit the value of their innovation, the economy would slowly but surely collapse.

even though they claim that americans are !@#$ing bastards who do not respect copyrights, but i think guys like bsa, mpaa, riaa, etc are the ones disprectable to use rights & consumer rights. someday those bastards will rule the world not robots

But then again in Wall Street , the fictional Gordon Gekko made a statement “Greed is Good!” said it all! :X

I doubt there are a lot of people who feel sorry of the hollywood industries. Their jackbooted methods, price fixing, ripping off artists on royalties, making it harder and harder to make backup copies of titles you purchase, suing poor mothers kids and grandmothers, and an attitute that clearly shows they just down understand what little significance they have in the 2000’s - All of these things have brought people to a point where there just detests the arrogance of these industries. I haven’t purchased a movie DVD in years and refuse too. I will continue to make copies of titles I rent just to bug the crap out of them. Quite frankly the industry greed has brought us to a point that we rarely see a concert on TV, rarely see a variety show with musicians, rarely see radio stations even attempting to announce song titles and artists, HBO an Showtime movies are older than your grandmother because it is too expensive to show movies, TV networks have dropped movie nights and the industry still doesnt get it.

I read an article recently that was saying you can go to jail for a longer period of time for piracy than you would for molesting a child. That there is enough proof beyond anything that these bastards are corrupt as all hell, care only about profit and will **** you and anyone in the way if you try to fight them. The world is ****ing crazy. If anyone truly believes molesting a child is actually less of a crime in their eyes than making a few copies of some movie, game etc, you are a waste of space and need to die. Copyright infringment is not a big deal, I apparently infringe it if I make more than 1 copy of my original discs. So if I want to be safe and make two copies of a game I paid 100 hard earned dollars for, I could possibly have to face a jail term or large fine that would pretty much ruin my life. Yes it would ruin your life, if you have a mortgage, children, a wife etc and you go to jail, kiss it all goodbye. Just for making one extra backup of a disc you actually own.