Americans confused about TV transition



[LEFT]A Best Buy survey conducted by GfK Research North America found that 88% of the Americans know about the upcoming TV transition, but a majority finds it confusing. Why is this all happening and what should you do to prepare? These questions seem to worry every American and shows that the government and broadcasters didn’t do enough to inform U.S. citizens (yet).

Sixty percent of the Americans know that February the 17th will be a day no one will forget, but 45% of the surveyed customers that haven’t prepared yet are planning to wait until after the transition. Another 54% doesn’t understand why and seem to be completely oblivious about what they have to prepare and why the government agreed to these ideas.

Another interesting statistic is that 30% of the TV owners don’t know if their TV is analogue or digital and 43% plans to subscribe to cable or satellite. Besides this we see that 21% thinks it’s too expensive and that 18% believe they don’t have to prepare and keep their analogue TVs. [/LEFT]

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So can we keep and use our analogue tv’s or what?


Every TV will require either an internal Digital Tuner (new TV’s) or an external digital set top box.
It’s not Theoretical Physics.