American Wedding problem

I’m trying to back up American Wedding region 1 and I get this error:
Clone 0 Clone 6 TCE

Any thoughts?

What exact version of CloneDVD2 are you using? Are you also using AnyDVD as well?

I just downloaded the latest version of cloneDVD hoping that was the problem and nothing changed. I’m using DVD+CSS Free from

Try downloading the trial version of AnyDVD from (you get 21 days use) and try again (make sure to reboot after install)

If it CloneDVD2 from Elby/Slysoft that you are using? Please give version number.

Yeah, it was clone DVD2 version, I’ll try AnyDvD as well to see if that does the trick. Thanks for the advice!

@ dhm37md,

Perchance have you ensure that this Commercial original DVD title is clean and free of any scratches. The “Clone 0 Clone 6 TCE” error notification is usually displayed when the Commercial original DVD title is dirty or contains scratches.

If you find that this Commercial original DVD title contains scratches suggest viewing the below links for information on how to remove scratches.

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