American Wastleand back up not working

I backed up Tony hawk american wastleand and made a image file of the game. I installed the game and then mounted the image file with deamon tools.

When i click the launcher everything works, but when i go to press play it says please insert the original THAW disk.

I have also tryed a NO cd crack which did not work.

I read that THAW is protection by securom 7,would that be the reason I am having trouble? what can I do about this?

Thank you.

Moving to ‘CD & DVD Copy protection’ section…

This is what I have tried:

Install/Launch CureRom
Select "Create a new CureRom profile."
Click Next>
Click Options>CureROM Settings
Select “Thrid-Party Virtual CD/DVD-ROM”

In “Configure” Select: Daemon Tools (Version 4.0.x or newer recommended)
Set the Path to Application (make sure it’s correct and pointing to daemon.exe)
click Apply/Close
Application: Find the THAW.EXE in the installed directory
NOTE: If you installed the game to the default “C:\Program Files\Aspyr Media, Inc\THAW” you will need to rename the “Aspyr Media, Inc” folder to “Aspyr Media Inc” so CureROM will be able to read it properly.
NOTE: Make sure you use THAW.EXE, Path is “C:\Program Files\Aspyr Media Inc\THAW\Game” by default

Click Next>
Select from Image Mounting Software: Use “DAEMON Tools” to mount my backup images.
Select from Backup Image: Mount the bC-thawa.BWT file
Select "Suspend CD/DVD-ROM Autorun while mounting backup image."
click Next>
Click Next>
Click Save
Click Finish

Navigate to “C:\Program Files\Aspyr Media Inc\THAW\Game” or wherever you installed the game to.
Right click THAW.EXE and goto Compatibility tab.
Check “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and select “Windows 2000” from the list.

Launch the THAW.EXE shortcut on your desktop and enjoy!

Now After I launch the half the time I get a error, compatabilty error microsoft must close the program. or I uncheck anti blacklisting and It goes past this message but then says insert original cd.