American wants to make DVD and mail to Finland


I live in Pennsylvania and my pastor wants me to put a video presentation of his onto a DVD to send to a parish in Finland via snail-mail.

I’ll use MovieMaker or Nero Vision and burn the DVD, but do I need to be concerned about Region Codes and/or NTSC vs PAL?

The Finnish people that Pastor is sending the video to may not be tech savvy, and he expects they will just put the DVD into their home-type player and TV.

Your help will make me look real smart, plus it’s a good cause.

Thanx in advance, John W. Jones

It would be best to encode to PAL standards for this dvd. Many PAL players can handle NTSC just fine, but since you are making it from scratch, there is no reason not to make it using PAL settings.

Region coding doesn’t apply for home made dvds, so not a concern for you here.

Sounds like PAL is native to Finland, correct?