American Pie: Band Camp "Bad Sector" Error

American Pie: Band Camp

FYI - I had a few errors, but it finally worked.

In DVDShrink 3.2 (with AnyDVD running), I had to “open” the DVD, wait, cancel, open, wait, cancel, exit, startup DVDShrink again, open, wait, cancel, open, wait, cancel, exit, startup DVDShrink, open, wait, cancel, exit, startup DVDShrink, open, finally it completed! I kept getting a “bad sector” error. I DVD was clean, no scratches.

Total of 6 times to finish “opening” it.

I copied that flick with no errors. The diffrence was I use CloneDVD2, not DVD Shrink. If you don’t have a DL drive, CloneDVD2 works with single layered DVD’s also. You can even make ISO’s if you wish. I had tons of trouble with DVD Shrink and newer DVD’s.

DVDShrink works just fine once the dvd you are trying to back up is ripped properly. Just be sure you are using the latest version of AnyDVD (or DVDFabDeCryptor).

same o same o for me…newest anydvd in background…ran through dvdshrink…no problemos…

Ok two thoughts:

  1. The only error with American Pie: Band Camp is not a “Bad Sector” error. It’s a “Bad Movie” error. The movie should never have been made. :wink:

  2. RIP THE MOVIE FIRST. Every problem I’ve ever seen with AnyDVD and DVD Shrink compatibility has been because people insist on NOT RIPPING THE MOVIE. It’s not hard - open the drive in “My Computer” and copy the VIDEO_TS folder to your desktop. Viola!

Worse than American Wedding?

The only person from any of the other American Pie movies in this one is Eugene Levy (Jim’s Dad). That’s it. That’s the only resemblance it bears to the others. There’s a REASON it went direct-to-landfill.

ahhh This movie i enjoyed it and i had no problem backing up this movie what so ever I did it in my first shot.

Use Dvd Shrink With FreeCCS running in the background

I had problems with this movie using dvd shrink and anyDVD whats this FreeCCS you speak of?

it also had the shermanator, not just eugene.

strangely enough stiffler’s little brother was the main character, but it wasn’t the actor from ap2.

it was better than wedding though.

region 2 (uk) copied fine for me, nero recode, couple of months old anydvd.