American legal downloaders are burning their music to CD-Rs

I just posted the article American legal downloaders are burning their music to CD-Rs.

TEMPO research has found that more than three-fifths (62%) of American downloaders who have paid to download digital music are burning the files onto optical media. While they are at it,…

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Now if they could only offer the music at a decent quality…

In your dreams, mate…

What is wrong with itunes, I tested it on my NHT speakers and imaging is great and that is usually the first data to go when you compress.

What bitrate does iTunes use, is it 128kbit?

I don’t know the specifics but iTunes uses AAC which is being used in DVD Audio and maybe used for HD-DVD’s. All I know is I can tell a difference between CD and MP3 (lower bit rate) and the iTunes sound excellent.

They burn thta much to get rid of the DRM :)) Itunes??? Don’t waste your money on that. Use Allofmp3. All formats from mp3 to lossless. :wink: