American iPad and iPhone users targeted in large scale malvertising attack

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American iOS users have been targeted in a malicious advertisement campaign that sent users to scam and porn sites. According to security company Confiant, these attacks have existed for a while already, but the company noticed a clear peak on the 12th of November.

Like I repeated in the past Windows was a big target but now the tablet(pun) have turn to i-devices as a big target and now they are feeling the heat.

Advertisements were purchased from a top-5 advertisement exchange network which apparently didn’t have proper security checks in place.

I’d like to know which ad network these ads came from. A refusal to name names inevitably allows bad actors to get away with it. A month from now, we’ll probably be hearing another story about some unnamed network that “apparently didn’t have proper security checks in place”, and I’m sure it will be the same network.

And this is why modern journalism sucks: pundits never call out those who cause the problems, and instead let them wreak havoc on the public with impunity.