American Gun-2006 - New Protection?

Anyone here try the movie “American Gun-2006” on their computer and get it to play. AnyDVD (v. does not recoganize it for me.

Try the beta version and see if you get any joy…

yeah you need to keep up to date with the versions or you end up with problems.

“Up to date” is the official release version posted on Slysoft’s site, which is currently version The Beta version,, is just that a beta version. Those who want to use it are free to do so, but it is not the latest official release…

The BETA versions are very stable.

At any rate this movie has been out for a year anyway and it probably wouldn’t take the latest version or an official version at that to handle it…could be a bad disc.

Have your tried any other free programs such as DVDFab HD Decrypter with any success?

Everyone, thank you for your replies.

Yes, I have tried DVD Fab Platinum (latest version) with no luck. I gather it is a bad disc, however, plays fine on stand alone player(s). It is strange, as it is the ONLY disc that DVD Fab, AnyDVD or CloneDVD could not recoganize. Perhaps it may be my system, but I was just checking here to see if anyone else had the same problem.

I would exchange it and get a new one.

yeah me too.

Yes, I guess that is the only option. It is strange how it plays in a stand alone DVD player, yet not on the computer.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to reply.

Standalone players and burners/ROM’s in your PC are two different beasts. :smiley:

Standalone players have pretty extensive error correction routines built into them so they can fight their way through portions of a dvd that are indicating read errors, by making some assumptions about what the data was supposed to be, so having a disc fail on your computer but manage to play all the way through in a standalone player can happen.
I’ve also had it work the other way - where my computer dvd drive was able to read a dvd that chokes a standalone player - I assume just because the optical performance of the dvd drive was better than the optical performance of the standalone player, and the error correction routines in the standalone player could not compensate.

I think standalone players have very good error correction to play thru the majority of errors without a whimper, when they come across a large error they will stutter etc but in most cases continue to play on, I assume because a second or so of a dvd scene defect will not effect the majority’s viewing pleasure.( it would for me) This permits rental dvds to continue working even when they are greatly abused

A PC optical drive will also attempt to fix errors while reading/ripping, but if the error is to big/unfixable you get some type of error message and the drive or software comes to a stop, which is probably a good thing else one would be copying corrupted data.

Just my 2 cents