American Gangster - DVDMObile / VOB Copy - Stream to PS3



Anyone else been able to do a VOB copy of this and get it stream to a PS3?

I can get the copy done and it seems fine on the PC but on the PS3 it shows as only 7mins long (even though it’s 6Gb!) and stops playng at that. Streaming with Tversity…



I don’t have that specific movie handy, but you may try using tsMuxer to create an M2TS file from the DVDFab created VOB. Then just rename the M2TS file to VOB (you can delete the META file). This will fix the time code problem but sometimes results in the audio out-of-sync.

I’ve had other movies that show some ridiculously short value for movie length, but they always would play to the end. I use a Synology NAS for streaming.


Tried that…it sorted the timestamp out and audiosync was fine but I am sure the generated file is ‘darker’…some scenes are VERY black…ever seen it


Umm… this process does not change the video encoding at all. DVDFab VOB streamcopy simply pulls a single video stream and the selected audio stream into one big VOB file. You can make something similar using IfoEdit. The tsMuxer utility takes the streams and repackages them into an M2TS and only changes the header information. The visiual images in the video stream are exactly the same as what is on the DVD (sans encryption).

The only thing I can think of is that the PS3 may have different brightness settings for DVD and file playback, but I haven’t looked for them.


I’m going to check my backup, if I remember correctly, that flick had some very dark scenes in it…


To be fair I noticed the darkness on the PC…all I checked on the PS3 was it showed the right time and lip-sync’d (which it did!).

Great film though…


I did notice that the VOB are alot darker . anyone know how to change this on a ps3 to make it brighter?