Anyone have problems copying Amelie? My attempts stop at 25% during the copy to HDD operation. Using the latest builds of 1click and AnyDVD and verbatum +R media. Other titles work fine.


Are we speaking of this title ?

Given the possible age of the ‘title’ ; I would first suspect
a dirty / smudged / scratched / damaged source DVD

Try cleaning the disc thoroughly , Inspect for damage .
Also you could ‘scan’ the disc with the VSO Inspector( it’s free )
If the Inspector gives you too many 'read errors’
You’ll know you’re dealing with a 'Bad Source Disc"

You could try using the AnyDVD RIPPER

… but if all attempts fail , you may consider acquiring a different source disc .

You could post the failed session from your > F8 log ,
This may provide us with a little more detail to consider .



Thanks Shannon.
I’ll get Inspector but I’m sure thats the problem.