Amd64x2 vs p4

im just curious… im currently running a p4 2.4GHZ computer but am going to build a new one… im gonna switch to either the amd 64x2 3800 or 4200 dual core chip… my question is… i just noticed that both of these say the ghz on them are 2.0ghz and 2.2ghz respectively. numerically they are obviously lower than my current 2.4ghz…are they gonna be much faster than what i have now?? id be using it for graphics in CS and games mostly… nothing too extravagent… thanks

I would suspect that it would be resonably faster but to what extent depends on if the softwae you are using can take advantage of the dual cores. As more software adds support for dual core, your performance will increase with these programs. Fyi you can pretty much ignore the ghz rating unless you are comparing the same family of chip. It is the aritecture as much as the speed of the chip that determines its processing power. It is quite possible for a slower chip to beat a faster chip.
Here is a good review of it with benchmarks. It would seem that it can beat out an intel pentium 4 660 3.6ghz on a synthetic cpu benchmark anyway. Take a look for yourself ans see how it compared on the various benchmarks.

I guess so.
As you can see below I got a Athlon 64bit AMD 3200+ which runs at 2.0 ghz (or 2.2 not sure).
My Cpu works like an Intel 3200 thats why its got the name although it is much better. I checked on this before I bought my own, I understood that in each cycle of an Intel chip it runs 6 tasks and the Amd it does 9 therefore you can see that the speed is not all that counts but for video editing rendering encoding the Intel chipsets are better because of their speed.
So if I had two chipsets instead of one I could do absolutely anything I want not that now I have a problem but I am waiting for full support of 64 bit programs which will enhance my workspeed.