AMD Zen 5 is a big deal and here is why

She is a genius, much in the mold of Elon Musk, she is an engineer and has surpassed everyone in that field of expertise. So much so that she has Intel outsourcing CPUs to other companies just to stay close.

I am glad to hear AMD is pushing hard against Intel. We all know what happens when Intel isn’t strongly challenged and it isn’t good for us consumers.

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I certainly won’t be updating my PC before Zen 5.
Gone are the days when I had to have the latest and greatest.

In all honesty. It’s getting silly now. As a desktop user, it’s rare for me to even fully utilise my 9900KF…

BTW: Intel’s outsourcing is temp. Their new FAB should be ready sometime next year.


I really don’t know if or when I will ever be updating my computer again, lets put it in context, I am in my 80s, if I make it until Zen 5, I will have to see what Intel has that can compete with it and then make up my mind. But gone are the days of building a whole new computer, now it’s just ripping out the Mobo and Cpu and Ram and starting out fresh with a clean OS install.

My CAD computer currently has an AB350 motherboard, a 3600X CPU, 2.5" SSD, 16GB 3200 RAM and a GTX 960. I doubt I will ever upgrade it before I retire. The CAD work I do is regarding civil engineering so I don’t have a need for cutting edge technology. In the past upgrades made sense for the speed increase obtained. These days the hardware has far surpassed my needs to run the software I use. Frankly, any gain I would get from faster hardware doesn’t overcome my disdain from having to reinstall and customize all the programs I use on a new setup.

I do upgrade the computer attached to the TV in our family room. I don’t game on it and neither does anyone else. I recently took out the RX 580 video card and 3600 CPU in it and installed the 5700G CPU. The reason for this upgrade is to be able to put the internals into a smaller case (this will make my better half happy) at some point in the future. I currently have a Fractal 500 case (I highly recommend it) that was able to accept a full size blue-ray burner and power supply. With the 5700G I don’t need a full size PS. I rarely burn discs these days and have a small stand alone laptop blue-ray burner I can use on the odd occasion I burn a disc. Going forward my only interest in AMD’s CPUs will be the APU units and if rumors are true it sounds like the new ones coming up are going to all but eliminate the low end graphics card segment.

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I have the Fractal Design Define S which is probably 5 years old now.
Any future upgrade will have to fit in that case. It runs cool, and by all accounts is silent.
The internals of the case are just beautifully designed, and extremely well built. So another vote for Fractal cases.

I have had 2-3 fractal cases and they all have been very well designed. The 500 is able to hold several 3.5"/2.5" HD/SSDs, a full size tower CPU cooler, a full size optical disc drive, a dual fan video card, full size PS all in a 250x203x367mm box. Without an optical disc installed it can accommodate a water cooling setup. A modular PS is almost a must for this case. I have never had any cooling issues with it. I also have a Node 304 case that is very good.

I love the Mini-Box 350 cases too and have used them for years and years. They are about as small as a case can be when using an ITX motherboard with outside dimensions of 192x210x62mm. I have three of them attached to various TVs and monitors in the house using a Ryzen 2400G, i5 7500 and a G4560. The Ryzen setup uses a Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 cooler and the CPU, video and RAM have a decent overclock on them. These cases have excellent ventilation.

@Dee I am sure, (not positive) that Zen5 will use DDR5 Ram, but what I am not so sure about is that it will make that much of a difference. Can you explain to me why it would?

From all I have heard, and read, Zen5 will use DDR5 RAM and likely PCIe 5. This makes sense due to Intels latested CPUs can use DDR5 or DDR4 depending on the motherboard that is used. My understanding is that currently there is little advantage to DDR5 over DDR4 but this will change drastically as DDR5 matures and becomes much faster. Right now it is in its early stages where its full potential has not been reached yet. This is typical when there are RAM changes from one generation to another. At some point in the near future DDR5 will be the clear better choice from a performance aspect and price as DDR5 production ramps up and DDR4 production ramps down.

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Thank you UTR :givesmile:

ZEN 4 will also use DDR5.
As UTR says. DDR5 will become much faster as it matures. Not just its clock speed, but hopefully latency also gets much lower.
DDR5 also uses less energy.

What you have at the moment is massive overkill for a desktop. Just enjoy what you have and don’t worry about what’s coming.


I guess you are right, I always take your advice, and it’s never been wrong so I’ll stick with what I have until you say it’s time to upgrade. I am enjoying it by the way, The Gigabyte X570 Master with the Sabrent Rocket Plus 4.0 NVMe SSD is plenty fast, and considering I do have 64gbs of Corsair DDR4 3600mhz Ram, you are right, I shouldn’t go out of style too soon. Thanks everyone.

I guess I will be updating to Zen 4 once that’s available for a reasonable price. Zen 5 would probably mean having to wait for one more year and my Haswell build is really getting old now, although it still runs well in general.

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You held out a long time Liggy, ever since 2005 when Dee updated her computer and I said to myself, maybe I can build a computer also, so I PMd her and the rest is history, I have built at least 20 computers since then and I really love the hobby, my son still uses Apples computers and Ipads and Iphones, but as much as he tries to get me to go over to the dark side its never going to happen. :laughing:


I made the “mistake” of buying my i7-4770 with 32 GB of RAM. Together with 4 cores (8 threads) it’s still doing a nice job. But my next build is going to be expensive I guess.

Ryzen 7000 with 12 or 16 cores (not decided yet - need to compare prices)
2 TB PCIe 4.0 SSD (not decided between Samsung 980 Pro, Seagate FireCuda 530 or Corsair Force MP600 Pro)
Noctua NH-D15 or be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU cooler

Ryzen 7000 seem to integrate GPU, so no additional adapter required for a start.

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Don’t forget to look at the Sabrent Rocket Plus 2TB and the WD Black 850 2TB. PCIe 4.0 NVMe drives, although even though they are as fast as the Samsung 980 Pro, the warranty is not as good, and absolutely take a quick look on Ebay, they can be had at 100 € discount to the MSRP

It will be awhile before I upgrade from a Asus X570-P, AMD 5950x and EVGA RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 ULTRA. 1st had a 5600x at MSRP. Waited a year for the insane prices to get real. 5950x and the 3080ti bought for MSRP. MSRP = the new discount pricing…
No hurry for RTX 4xxx, DDR5 that IS faster than DDR4 at a price that doesn’t make my stomach hurt.
AM5 will be here and maybe the DDR5 prices won’t be stupid, someday…

No contest. The 980 Pro is an IOPS monster. Even on PCIe3 its faster than any other PCIe4 SSD I have seen running on PCIe4. So imagine it on PCIe4

The Noctua is easier it fit. But the Dark Rock Pro looks better and is quieter, IMO.
They are both enormous though. :slight_smile:

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