AMD Zen 4 is a much bigger deal than Zen 3

Of course, I just got done building a Zen3 5950X computer, so the very next generation will put mine to shame but isn’t always the way. :roll_eyes:

Those that have to have the latest technology also have a wallet that bleeds a lot. My plan is to upgrade the computers I have to the 5xxx series of CPUs when their prices drop further. The 5600 and 5600G are getting to be a really good bargains these days. There is a good chance I will skip the next generation of AMD CPUs entirely. I am more interested in spending money to update photography gear to the upcoming Canon R7 that is supposed to come out this summer. There are also a few lenses I would like to add too. Photography is a better thing for me to focus on anyway (pun intended). It gets me outdoors and moving.

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I haven’t owned a camera since I get a new iPhone every year from Verizon, I know there is an enormous difference between my son’s Canon EOS and my Iphones camera, but I am not into photography, if I need to take a picture and I do that often when I am rebuilding a computer or changing out a motherboard, I take before and after pictures so I know where everything is connected when I am putting it back together. Money is not an issue, I worked hard all my life and saved and had a good retirement plan, I have been retired for almost 15 years now. So with my house paid for and my cars paid for I am pretty comfortable in my retirement. I spend my money on my hobby, and that is computers.


I find myself using smartphones for photography more with each new phone I buy. IMO, photography is getting close to taking another leap in technology nearly as great as going from film to digital. The use of programming and fast processing will drastically change the form factor of photography a huge amount. It will be a merging of a P&S camera with a smartphone.

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