AMD xp3000+ or AMD 3200+

AMD xp3000+ or AMD 3200+

AMD xp3000+ or AMD 3200+ can anyone tell me if there is much difference in speed between these two in an ABIT NFS7-ver2 with giel DDR 400mhz memory to justify the extra £100 thanks for any help

No. Get the cheaper version and raise the multiplier in BIOS to get 3200+.

Have you considered overclocking? You can get a XP1700 or XP2100 and OC the snot out of these to CPU’s…

I didnt get a good stepping XP2100, a 301, but still it has been running fast and stable at 2300mhz (11x200) for 5 months now… For $90us it is a bargain…

Um, 2300 is 11.5x200, which is what my XP-2600 is currently running at. 11x200 is 2220.

oops, my mistake, should have written 11.5x200… Actually to be honest, I am running at 11x208 at the moment, less mhz, but better speed with the higher memory bandwidth…

This 301 CPU of mine will go about 2360, but it is actually slower in the benchmarks. CPU’s get to a point in OCing where they actually slow down when pushed too hard…

Your speed doesn’t go down 'cause you push it too high, it drops 'cause you ain’t syncing the CPU/RAM. And no, not all Tbred 1700 and 2100 are OC whores. Most will only do stock.

My CPU/RAM is set at 100%. Actually, I never heard of a XP1.7 or XP2.1 T’bred B that does not OC at all. It is true though that the “A” versions were not good OC’ers, maybe that is the case at to what you mentioned.

Take a look at the CPU database over at, you will find the better steppings there.

In any case, I wouldn’t pay for an XP-3200 when you can have any number of chips that will run that fast. The Barton chip may be worth some $ over the regular AthlonXP, but unless you plan to O/C the XP3200 (and we don’t really know what they will do), get a cheaper one and O/C the thing till it drops, then get another cheap one. :bigsmile: Also be sure to spend a few $ on a good CPU cooler, that Athlon can heat your house.

Agreed rdgrimes,

I suspect that the Barton is getting at the end of its’ line as far as as speed goes, there is not too much left.

The general word I hear is that the XP1700 will average around 2200mhz, and the XP2100 will average around 2300mhz. But CPU’s are a luck of the draw, some are good and some are not as good as others.

Memory is equally important, or even more so. If it can’t run in synch with the CPU at 200FSB, you’re wasting your time.

The Athlon 3000+ and 3200+ should be identical, the only difference is the FSB they are certified to run on. As many overclockers know, the 1700 and 2100 are indeed good overclockers (I read about a guy that overclocked his 1700 to 3,1 Ghz!), but hard (or even impossible) to get your hands on.

The newer, but slower, Bartons, should be good overclockers as well. I guess any modern 2500 Barton should be able to do 3000 or so… the only thing you need is a good mainboard (Nforce 2 or KT600 based; I prefer the NF2), good memory (PC3200 or better), a stable PSU and good cooling ofcourse (last week, I OC’ed a 2200+ with AIUHB core to 2800+ with only a XP2100+ Globalwin cheap-ass coolling; it never got above 40c running 101% stressed).

But, as said many times before: overclocking can do serious harm to your system, can be the cause of many problems and is never garantueed to be a succes…

I agree with both of you.

I feel that quality memory is critical. I been running single channel for a few months now, with good success, 200 or better FSB. High FSB is the life blood for any AMD OC. The increase in memory bandwidth alone increases performance substantially. Been looking at running dual channel, and cant decide on which memory to buy yet.

The key to OC’ing is to keep the heat down. This takes some thought, and money. If you keep the heat of your components down, your OC should do no damage to your components. I have good case cooling, along with heatsinks on the mosfets, and mod NB/SB cooling.

OC’ing is fun, and I enjoy doing it. Next step is a VDD mod, to see if I can get the FSB even higher.