Amd xp 1800+ is this too hot!?

I have ABIT Kx333 mobo with KT333 chipset, AMD XP 1800+ proc, all that in midi tower case…well, I know that AMD procs are “warm” but this is still too hot, what’s ur’s oppinion? Zalman AlCu Heatsink CNPS6500A is installed too.

CPU temperature: 60 degrees celzius
System: 40 degrees celzius.

what’s gonna happen when outside temp. raise to 35 degrees at summer time ! :eek: uhh…any advice pls :slight_smile:

p.s. sorry for my bad english:o

I agree that the temperatures are higher than desired. I believe that your heatsink fan has three speed adjustments. Make sure that it isn’t running in “silent” mode.

With better case ventilation or a different case that is well ventilated, you should be able to significantly lower your system temperature. This in turn would lower the CPU temperature to a more acceptable range.

This temperature is not really low, but the CPU can handle it. Ofcourse, cooler is better, but it’s no need in this case. As said, better case ventilation is something you might wanna try, just like adding some thermal grease (arctic silver II if you really want it to be done good for an enormous amount of money) or turning up your CPU’s fan.

My Athlon 1400 (oc’ed to 1533) runs under full load at 72 degrees, my cooler is in silent mode…

Inertia heatsink fan is not in “silent” mode, that’s why is this so interesting :bow: …fan is operating in"normal" mode… I agree with u as well with Dee-ehn better case ventilation will be good solution I think cos, I only have inside case Zallman’s fan and fan inside power supply and that’s all… two more, one to blow air in and one for out, I’ll try. Dee-ehn artcic silver II grease is top yeah? :slight_smile:

Artic silver II is one of the best around, but also the most expensive!

One thing I forgot: it could be that the temperature measurement of your motherboard doesn’t function properly. There are many motherboards with a lousy thermometer. Did you ever try to feel the temperature with your very own fingers?

I recently installed a system with an Epox motherboard. The system reported a CPU temperature of about 71 degrees. Pretty strange for a opened case, CPU idle (BIOS post), Athlon 2200+ and a Coolermaster HHC001 cooler…

Dee-ehn I touched…it is really that hot :stuck_out_tongue: in your example, for a opened case 71 degrees was far from reality :wink: My friend installed system with EPOX ( EPOX 8K5A2 KT333 ) mobo too and 1700+ XP, same case like mine, same Zalman and his tepmeratures of system and cpu are just 2 degrees lower than mine…he said that’s normal for an AMD XP…don’t know btw. ARCTIC SILVER III cost here 10 euros :wink:

You should consider buying Arctic Silver 3. If you don’t have enough money, buy NANOTHERM BLUE 2, it’s cheaper and have only 1 degree higher than AS3.

DAMN! My new P4 2.53 is 32 idle, 41 full load with the stock cooling. AMD should really do something about that…71 degrees celcius is like…1,000,000 degrees fahreinheit (well, almost). I’d be cautious about running an expensive processor that hot

I installed two more 80mm zalman’s fans, both are working in “silent” mode, cpu temperature is now 52 degrees celsius and system temp. is 35… in normal mode fan,would be even lower, I’m glad now :slight_smile: tnx everyone!

60 is nothing to get scared about :slight_smile: Athlon XPs run fairly hot, my 1700 runs at 50 Idle, 57 full load, in the summer. That’s with my Thermaltake Volcano 7 running at max (my comp sounds like a jet engine). If you have it relatively quiet, and you’re not hitting 60, you’re doing great :slight_smile:

As long as you can run your programs and games and whatnot, without lockups and crashes, you’re probably fine as far as heat goe. AthlonXPs will take up to 75-80C before they’re in a danger zone.

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yeah, they’re damn hot :stuck_out_tongue: Inertia on that site… low temeratures I admire them hehehe, but I agree with baracus, my comp. is not that loud and It can handle with that kind of temperatures, otherwise I can whenever tur on “NORMAL MODE” for fans… AMD is still No.1 :wink: