AMD x2 4800+ 939 for $242 shipped at Newegg



I just bought one last night at $248. I like Newegg but they really play games with their prices.

These are getting a lot harder to find so if you’re interested in one don’t think about it too long. This is for the Toledo version and it should include a 4 heat pipe heatsink w/fan. Word on the street is they can be OC’ed up to 2.8GHz with a little extra voltage and proper cooling. I’m not sure the stock heatsink qualifies as “proper” cooling. May have to go with a Zalman or Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro.

ZipZoomFly shows them at $209 shipped but they are backordered. Tiger Direct :Z has them also but they are $250 plus shipping.


Yo Doc-

Good find at a great price- my buddy got one a couple of months ago and it was over $50 more plus shipping-

My Toledo runs at 78-82f all day long - and I cannot outrun it - overclock if you must - but it isn’t necessary or worth the risks IMO-eh!


good find but still a little out of my budget :frowning:

Newegg has burned me twice on 939 CPUs in as many weeks…two weeks ago they had the opteron 165 OEM for $135 that was gone a couple hours after I first saw it. then monday they had the opteron 175 OEM for $179…saw it in the morning & gone by the afternoon when I went back to buy it. It was my fault both times for not buying right away, but I’m always trigger shy with Neweggs schizophrenic pricing stategies :doh:


got the E6400 Retail and Board combo for $219, bought asus p5b deluxe, OCed conservatively to 3.5ghz. So I dont think it is a good deal. When this thing is in sub $150, I will buy one to upgrade my folks P4 computer.


OUCH! I would rather have that for $179 for sure. Wish I would have seen that one. I’d be all over that deal as though it were Jenna Jameson!

But that’s half the fun. It’s like crossflashing a burner. I won’t push them like many overclockers. If they run too hot I back it off.



They currently have the Opteron 170 retail for $189 shipped here:

It is supposed to oc to like 2.7 with no worries-eh!


Well poop! Totally missed that one.

I think my next 939 will be some sort of FX processor. I have one more computer to upgrade from a Sempy but I can hold out for another 6+ months easily enough now. Eventually the 2.4GHz socket 754 I’m using now will become the backup computer, but honestly it does everything I need just fine.

EDIT: Just noticed an FX-55 in the open box section for $125 shipped. That would be pretty nice as the multiplier is unlocked. Just might be able to squeeze 3GHz out of one of those puppies.


Welp, just took the plunge. Bought the open box FX-55 for $125. Newegg was nice enough to credit me the $6 difference from the x2 4800+ purchase too.

Since the open box CPU only has a 7 day return window I’m going to be stress testing the crapola out of it with Prime95. I normal stress test all new processors anyway but I may let it run for a few days this time.

Man, I hope I can squeeze 3GHz out of that 55! :smiley:


wow, another one I would be all over if I had teh money…opteron 185 retail (2.6Ghz, 2x1Mb) $335 shipped!!! recently it was $415 and the FX-60 is still $440 :eek:

the cooler on these things are impressive too, got one off ebay and the overclocked load temp on my Sandy is 5-7C cooler than the stock load temp with the stock cooler :cool:


Drat, both processors arrived today and the 4800+ only has the 2 heatpipe heatsink. Oh well.

Time to start testing the schmitz out of that FX-55. :iagree:


Get a Thermaltake Big Typhoon cooler, silent and cools VERY well.


Thanks. I have a couple of Arctic Cooler Pro’s but unfortunately they won’t fit on this particular mobo due to the strange layout. I may have to tinker around with things a bit before I break it. :wink:


my opty cooler is only 2 pipe and it works great, litteraly a 15-20C drop overclocked at load, I was seeing 65-70 on the stock cooler running prime and the opty cooler runs 49-52C (and yes the stock cooler was propperly seated with AS5 :wink: ), best $13 I’ve ever spent on a PC :cool: the 4 pipe ones must really pwn tho :eek:

my only gripes: the high density fins grab dust and clog really quickly, also its a skosh louder than the stock cooler running at ~3600 rpm vs. ~3000 rpm…neither one is a big deal to me, but might be for some


nice thread


I ran Prime95 for 4 hours 20 min last night at default voltage and frequency and the heat got up to 44C, which isn’t bad at all under full load.

Then I bumped the multiplier up to 14x so the CPU would be at 2.8GHz and ran it at default voltage for 4 hours 40 min and temps got up to 53C. Still not bad.

I’ve tried 3GHz a couple of times with an increase in voltage but it wouldn’t post and I had to clear the CMOS. I’ve had it as high as 2855 so far but I’m thinking I’ll just leave it at 2.8 for the time being. I’m not sure how much voltage I’m willing to put behind this processor.

It’s a very nice cpu with lots of “snap” when you open windows and such. It’s pretty cool when you can take a $125 opened box CPU and run it as well as a $320 FX-57. It’s hard to argue with that.


I love my AMD 4800+ Toledo that is overclocked to 2834 MHz, BUT . . .

If you are going to buy this and run it at spec speed, or just slightly OC it, than this is a great deal.

OR, if you have a big investment in a 939 Motherboard, and 184 pin DDR RAM , and just want to kick up your pc, this is a good deal.

Two Howevers!:

However #1 - If you are looking to Overclock, do your research, the Opterons are much better at overclocking than the X2’s. Supposedly they are the same silicon, and the chips that pass all the stress tests, become Opterons, and the ones that do not pass all the advanced stress test, but still pass all the standard tests, are labeled X2’s.

However #2 - If I were buildig a system today, I would much rather have a Core 2 Duo (C2D) from Intel. Supposedly even long time AMD fans are favoring the C2D chips, they seem to Overclock very well!

I guess that there is a “However #3” too! One might wait until AMD pulls out whatever chip they are going to bring out to “trump” the C2D chip.

I upgraded my AMD socket 939 3000+ to an X2 4800+ dual core, and am very happy, because all I had to do was buy a chip. (Love that DFI nF4 LanParty Ultra-D motherboard!)


This is only true for SOME of the Opterons.

The lower end models (165, 170) overclock very well. The currently available 180s (which have the same specs as the X2 4800+) really suck at overclocking.


I agree! Thanks for clarifying that.

You also have to deal with the “Stepping lottery” and there is no guarantee that you can hit 3G!

Almost every day, I look at NewEgg, and ponder over that Opteron 175! I think that I might have better luck OC that chip, but then I read about reports of OC the Opterons, while some people hit over 3G, some people cannot get past 2.7.

As I am at 2825.5 MHz with my 4800 (stock is 2.4 G) If I buy the Opteron, I am just “playing the lottery”.

AND, if I buy another 939 chip, I am going to want to do something with my 4800+, so that means buying another Motherboard, so if I am going to buy another CPU and MOTHERBOARD, I might as well buy a C2D.


I wouldn’t go much more than 1.5v on air, maybe 1.525 as an absolute max, but keep an eye on them temps :eek: (I’m running mine at 1.45v btw)

I haven’t had any luck booting mine at 3Ghz either, my best is somewhere around 2.95 or so (I know it wouldn’t be stable, but that would be a cool CPU-Z screen shot to have :cool: )

I can vouch for the “snappyness” too, its amazing what this arch will do at high clocks, I droped her back down to stock 2.2Ghz a while back and it just seemed downright slugish!


I’d be very please if I could get 2800MHz out of my 4800. I haven’t started testing it yet but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Part of my problem is the motherboard. It’s a Gigabyte K8U-939 with a ULi chipset. Not the overclocker’s dream for sure. It’s certainly no LanParty. That’s one reason I was hoping to be able to OC by multiplier rather than adjusting the hyperthreading and FSB speeds. I prefer to keep as much at stock speeds as possible.

The default voltage on that board is 1.45 volts according to the GigaTune utilities. CPU-Z shows it lower at 1.4. The first notch up on voltage increases is just listed as 5% in the BIOS and it puts the voltage at between 1.48 and 1.5 while idle in GigaTune. The idle temps are between 30 and 31. CPU-Z still shows it at 1.4 but I’m going to err on the side of caution and go with the higher value.

The computer that the FX-55 is in will probably never see much in the way of CPU activity as it’s a home media/file server. The most CPU cycles this thing will see will be doing a DVD-9 to DVD-5 shrink. Other than that it just sits there. Sometimes it only gets turned on once a week depending on what I have to burn or backup.

I’m going to put the 4800+ into an updated every day machine since that will be the system that will get used for multitasking. Hopefully, I’ll be as lucky as BuddTX and hit 2800 but I’d be happy with 2600.