AMD takesover lead in US desktop market

Seems like AMD has surpassed Intel with sales for the first time ever…

2nd time - and its only 1 week.

This is great news. Once they become more accepted in the desktop/home systems market, businesses will take AMD more serious as well. This may result in more competition for Intel, meaning lower prices…

(as long as Intel doesn’t drop the prices too much and thus start a pricewar, as AMD wouldn’t easily survive)

Yes but AMD still doesn’t include A/C (Air Conditioners) with their CPUs and they should since they burn so damn HOT you reboot all the time!

I’ll never buy another AMD again! They’re cheaper than Pentiums for a reason…they aren’t as good TOO HOT!

An Intel Prescott can cook a ham faster than an AMD Hammer can cook a sausage.

Not gonna happen. What ever Intel’s pricing is, AMD matches.


Personally prefer Intel over AMD - think that the reliability is better - and ONLY buy their boxed processors-


Athlon64 is a very good product and it’s the first time AMD combines low price with high quality , while Pentium’s are still overpriced (and with very high temperatures).

Your stuck in the past. I know many people that have Intel chips they run way hotter than mine. (yes same speed and FSB) You just need to spend more than £10 on decent HFS!


:):):):):):):slight_smile: About time :):):):):):):slight_smile:

Totally agree, I have a Athlon64 2800+ @ 3000+ and a P4 2.53 @ 3.00ghz and the Athlon blows the socks off the P4…also in there there is only the CPU fan and it runs cool, where as the P4 case has Cpu fan and 3 case fans