Amd Sledgehammer VS Intel Itanium (Amd is gonna screw up intels ass)



AMD chief Sanders says Itanium will be a misstep for Intel

Jerry Sanders, CEO and chairman of AMD, said at a press conference in Hanover Monday that its 64-bit Sledgehammer processor, arriving at the end of 2001, will be “the realisation of AMD’s dream”.

Sledgehammer will have the edge over Intel’s Itanium in that it will be better able to run existing 32-bit software, Sanders predicts. “Intel is abandoning its 32-bit market with Itanium, forcing customers to move to completely new software,” he said. “This is AMD’s chance of a lifetime because Sledgehammer will run both 32 and 64-bit software.”

Intel’s Itanium does run 32-bit software but Sanders predicts the new processor will run it slower than existing Pentium III technology.

More to follow…


AMD rulez…that’s what I wanted to say…




amd sux ass… all i wanted to say


Intel kicks ass… all i wanted to say


AMD is the Best…
Intel sucks!!


we wouldn’t want it to be a is, is not competition so only if we have to say something useful we could post here…

but I must agree with mattel007 AMD has a very good chance to beat Intel…let me know what you guys think…




The way i see it is that Intel keep saying we’re gonna do this and we’re gonna do that but quite frankly i don’t see anything happening. AMD on the other hand put their money where their mouth is and put processors
in the shops for people to buy. What would you rather have ? something that might be produced or something that is being produced.

If Intel produced fast CHEAP processors i would buy them until they do i will buy the fastest cheapest processor there is and at the moment it happens to be AMD.

I say good luck to AMD and for the rest of you don’t ruin this thread with AMD SUX INTEL RULZ crap. If your going to make and argument then substantiate it with good reasons, that is after all what a forum is for.

Well that was my lil say in the matter.

BTW Intel sux



I work for a crowd in ireland who are Dell’s largest european supplier…Dell…and Gateway…are running into problems cos Intel keep pricking them around with their new chipsets …and promises of new chipsets!
Thats all i want to say!


One advantage that AMD holds for the moment is that supplies of its chips appear to be relatively healthy, according to sources, especially in comparison to Pentium IIIs. Chip dealers report that nearly every speed grade, except for the 850-MHz Athlon, remains easy to find. The fastest Pentium IIIs can be a tougher find, although Intel has stated that supplies are increasing.
An indication of the state of supply comes in the retail price of Athlons. Several dealers are selling Athlon chips at retail for less than the stated wholesale price.

[…] Under the new pricing, the 850-MHz Athlon continues to sell for $849 in volume, while the 750-MHz drops from $689 to $489. The 700-MHz dropped from $519 to $389.

K6-2 processors, meanwhile, dropped in price by 10 to 39 percent. Among the price cuts, the 533-MHz K6-2 dropped from $167 to $127, while the 500-MHz fell from $153 to $93.


I also think AMD kicks ass, but I wouldn’t dismiss Intel that easily. Those guys aren’t stupid and it wouldn’t surprise me when they come with a very decent next-generation cpu.
If you look at cpu’s nowadays (PII/PIII)those are still the same processors(Pentium 1) but just a little pumped up. This shows us that it was a very good design. The processor may be at it’s limits right now, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Intel comes up with a new design which may be as good and carry intel far into the Ghz field.

I just hope that Intel and AMD make similar cpu with similar performance, this is best for me, the buyer, and competition is good for the price drop.



Hi everybody

I think Intel sucks because they are really not fair! They only boykott AMD with their chipsets! I guess they should prefer to make faster CPUs than annoying AMD. Thats what I want to say.



Just a thought: if there was no battle between big-brother INTEL and our fastest-pizza-delivery-boy AMD. The prices will grow and grow and grow! Now Intel is forced to reduce its prices and increase its Mhz’s.

I think its bad, when Intel has lost this battle. When AMD was the bigbrother and Intel our pizza-delivery, you’d say that intel is the best and AMD sucks.

But i must agree, AMD is kickin’ Intels ass with the new Sledgehammer.


Don’t you think (just a little bit even) that when intel releases a 64bit processor Microsoft will only ship 64bit software anyway? Or am I just really sceptical.


And it’s the best overclocking processor :wink:


Some specs


  • …will have 256K cache (did he mean L1+L2 or just counting L2? Previous rumours have said 128K L1 + 128K L2)
  • …will be socket only
  • …will be available some time in Q2
  • …will have 512K cache (Previous rumours have said 128K L1 + 256K L2)
  • …will have “additional pipeline enhancements” (no idea what to make of this)
  • …“will clock for clock be 27.5% faster than K75 on a kx133 MB” (K75 is the code for a 180nm Athlon – I presume this claim is limited to specific benchmarks)
  • …will be available for Socket A and Slot A
  • …will achieve volume shipments in late Q2


  • …will be available in Q3
  • …will have 1024KB cache (if referring to L2, this’d be more or less in line with current belief)
  • mobile version will have a smaller package and will be out at the same time as regular Mustang.


  • …will be out in 2001 Q1
  • …will have a full 32/64-bit core (Edit: Sorry, typo!)
  • …will have 2MB on-die cache
  • …will be on a 150nm process (partial shrink?)
  • …will be capable of 2GHz operation (at start?)


And intel on his turn

Intel Corp. will formally launch its 1-GHz Pentium III microprocessor March 8, according to OEM sources.
The launch, to be backed by Dell Computer Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., and IBM Corp., will almost certainly come in the form of limited-production “special editions,” according to sources briefed by Intel. PCs using the chips will feature specially designed motherboards with larger heat sinks to accommodate the faster processors.


Amd strikes back: “AMD IS GONNA PRODUCE ALPHA processors”

Compaq (which now has the Digital mantle) told us the other day for sure that IBM would fab out the Alpha, ending a whole year’s discussion on the matter. It also told us that a fourth non-Intel firm would fab Alphas.
That fourth non-Intel firm is AMD, we now learn. According to a source which has Jerry Sanders’ ear: "AMD is dreaming of a day when a box rolls off its lines and the last thing you decide is whether you want it to be an Alpha or an Athlon.

"They’re already using Alpha’s bus architecture (responsible for a fair portion of their performance lead over Intel’s x86) and the only real sticking point in the deal now is memory: A 128 Mb memory module for an Alpha runs at $1,500.


He Mattel007,

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here’z some new inf

AMD also makes it clear in a couple of Qs&As in the same location that it is going to price Athlons without reference to Intel’s model – a fact which is bound to trigger terror in Chipzilla’s corporate HQ, only a stone throw from Cheapzilla over there in Satan Clara.
And there’s more. We understand that the first 1 GHz Athlon PCs will be available in Germany week 14 or 15. They will use standard cooling and will be produced for the market by a major international first tier vendor.

Germans will be able to buy as many 1GHz machines as they like within four weeks, provided they have enough cash.