AMD Sempron 3000+ Barton

What do i gain if i change my xp 2000 chip for this chip:
AMD Sempron 3000+ Barton 333MHz FSB 512KB L2 Cache Socket A Processor
xp has 266 fsb and 256 cache, will this rip my DVDs to hard drive any faster?.
right now using my BenQ 1620 pro and i rip a full disc 17-23 mins, movie only 10-15 mins 8x burn at 12x 6.30 mins, this chip and board are on sale at frys for $89 or should i just wait and buy amd 64 chip and board?.

More CPU power don’t speed up burning process. Burn speed depends from burner hardware and from media used.

To speed up burning speed use 16x quality media with your benq1620. Your burning times are in the mean (good times truly: my liteon 1633 require over 7 min to burn @ 12x :a )

64 bits plataforms will be really speeder only when 64 bit software will be developed.

I use Barton 3000+ FSB 333 512 cache and it is excellent processor. My advice is not to buy it, not because it was something wrong with 3000+ cpu, but your dvd ripping results depend on your dvd rom or dvd +/- rw not on CPU… It is better to buy 64-bit CPU + new MBO…