AMD sales in US surpass Intel in September

This is still the first time AMD outsold Intel for an entire month. They caught 52% of all sales and Intel snagged 46%.

After facing what seemed an insurmountable decline in desktop PC sales during the first six months of 2005, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) captured a 52% share of the US retail desktop PC market in September, according to Current Analysis. AMD’s performance during the back-to-school shopping season topped chip giant Intel’s 46% share by six points, said the market research firm. Despite its past successes in surpassing Intel desktop sales in select retail sales weeks, September 2005 marked the first time AMD was able to outperform Intel for an entire month, the research firm stated.

Directly contributing to AMD’s success was the rise in popularity of Media Center PCs. In September, Media Center PCs accounted for 46% of all US retail desktop sales. Of those sales, 55% included an AMD-based processor, Current Analysis said.

The star system of the Media Center movement and AMD’s success was the HP Pavilion a1130n, the research firm noted. Running Microsoft’s Media Center OS and offering a 64-bit AMD Athlon 64 processor and 1 Gigabyte of RAM for a post-rebate price of US$679; the a1130n has become the best selling Media Center PC in retail to date, according to Current Analysis.

Yay and with Fab36 open we’ll have even more AMD cpus to roll around in!

Yay! I’d like to see more of this.

Also vendors like Dell should start thinking beyond the ‘Intel inside’.

I read a while back that they were going to start offering AMD CPUs, but that may have fizzled out. :iagree:


AMD is king for a month!