AMD’s latest generation Ryzen CPUs will be supported under Windows 7

We’ve just posted the following news: AMD’s latest generation Ryzen CPUs will be supported under Windows 7[newsimage][/newsimage]

AMD has announced that its Ryzen CPUs will be supported under Windows 7. This is different from Intel who previously announced that its latest generation Kaby Lake CPUs will only be supported in Windows 10.

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Last 4 machines were AMD, looks like next 4 machines will be AMD as well!

same only not sure about building 4 new machines lol I’ve always used and built AMD PC’s. :slight_smile:

I hope this CPU series is as good as its billing has been. Intel really needs some competition as they have not really pushed CPU design since AMD ceased being a serious competitor. I used a lot of AMD CPUs in the past and will in the future if they give me a reason to do so.

Most of my boxes have been AMD for the bang per buck they offered and for a while even being faster.
My last box was a hex core AMD that I ran for years and still works fine running 7 ultimate. New bow is a I7980 which is quite a step up but I mainly got it because my builder buddy was paying me back for helping him do his roof.
I’ll still build whatever gives me the most for my dollar so maybe next one will be AMD again we’ll have to wait and see.
The AMD box very occasionally would just BSOD but not enough to make me spend lots of time trying to track it down. New box seems more stable and of course is faster but I didn’t buy any of the parts other then upgrading to 16 gig of ram.