AMD RYZEN discussion and benchmarks


I have never OCd RAM , I always used the XMP profile, Wendy has experience in this type of thing, she is an expert overclocker and pc builder. I remember years ago, Wendy and I built the same rigs, with an AMD Opteron and a socket 939 Asus AN8 motherboard. It was about 2005 I think. I bet Wendy doesnt even remember.


I’m not an expert at overclocking. What I’ve learned about it is through lots of reading, and lots of trial an error.
I also always settle for a safe overclock, with power consumption and produced heat kept in check.
DRAM is quite easy to overclock. Use the XMP profile as a starting point, and take it from there through trial and error.

I’m quite good at building quiet PC’s. Mostly learned when I used to help my dad build Audio Production Workstations. Apart from choosing and configuring the correct audio sub-system, and Audio Production Workstation has to be a very quiet running PC, so I learned a lot about air flow in PC cases.

@vroom. I was hoping to see the RyZen refresh CPU’s in February. :slight_smile:


I got my mems running 4ghz , interested to see some numbers on ryzen refresh when it releases managed 5.3 out of my 8700k too


I have managed to sell my Skylake CPU, MOBO, and RAM.
So, I’ve ordered up an Intel 8700K, and mid range AsRock motherboard (Z370 Extreme 4) to play around with. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a top of the range mobo, because Z370 is just a stopgap chipset.

If the 8700K system turns out to be good, my RyZen rig will be permanently installed in my studio, where I can fully utilise all its cores and grunt, and the 8700K system will become my everyday rig.


You also sold RAM, from what I see prices of RAM is still very high, I hope that you got a better deal on your new RAM.

I am sure that the ASRock extreme 4 is a great motherboard, I had the Z68 and Z77 extreme 4 and both still work perfect.
I am 110% certain that the 8700K will do all the tasks that most users want without sweating. I have a feeling that you will be satisfied with the 8700K, I would have also gone that way if Intel hadn’t done this mess with their CPU lineup and their release schedule.
Now I will wait to see what the update ryzen has to offer, for the moment the 5820K does all that I need.


I got a very good price for the SkyLake stuff. :slight_smile:
I sold the RAM because it was quite slow be todays standards at 2666MHz.
I got some more of that 8 PACK Samsung b-die 3200Mhz DDR4, which is good for 4GHz on the 8700K.

In the end the new build has cost me £185, and I’ll probably start the build next weekend.


Identical to my rig then :slight_smile:


I paid 478.00 for my 32gb kit of G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3600 (PC4 28800) Intel Z170 / Z270 / Z370 / X299 Desktop Memory Model F4-3600C17Q-32GTZR.


You have the Asrock Z370 Extreme 4 Marcus?
You also have a de-lidded and binned CPU.
Mines will just be the stock retail CPU, although if temps are not good, I’ll have a go at de-lidding it myself.

Mines this stuff. No fancy RGB, just guaranteed premium (binned) Samsung b-die RAM.

Hehe, the price has gone up £19 since I bought mine on Friday.


Mine is a 32gb kit for 478USD, so the price is about the same.


yeah extreme 4 i didn’t wanna fork out nearly 300 on a board with z390 being due this year etc Great board , even if onboard audio lacks a little which i put my xonar in

Mine might be binned but “spec” wise its still an 8700k you still have same memory and mobo lol


Temps seem to be limiting factor on most 8700K. It seems 4.8 GHz is about max for CPU’s that haven’t been de-lidded and that crappy Intel TIM removed and replaced with liquid metal.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win the silicon lottery for once. :slight_smile:


The kit arrived today.
If I can resist touching it, I will do the build at the weekend. :slight_smile:

RyZen will go into my Antec P280 case, as it has more room for all the audio gear.
I will also use the Wraith Spire (stock cooler) on the RyZen system, as RyZen will be down clocked to 3.6GHz, as stability if far more important than outright speed.

RYzen will have a Samsung 950 EVO 250GB NVMe SSD as the boot drive, and a couple of 512GB Samsung 850 Pro’s for fast scratch space. The 8TB of HDD storage will take care of the rest.
Other than that, it have a 520W PSU, MSI GTX 950 graphics, and 16GB of 8 PACK 3200Mhz DDR4.

The CoffeeLake build will have the following.

  • Fractal Design Define S case.
  • Corsair HX750i PSU.
  • Intel 8700K CPU
  • AsRock Z370 Extreme 4 mobo.
  • 16GB of 8 PACK 3200Mhz DDR4
  • Nzxt Kraken x62 CPU cooling.
  • EVGA GTX1060 graphics.
  • OCZ Toshiba RD400 512GB NVMe SSD as the boot drive.
  • 8X various SATA SSD’s as storage.


@Dee Looking forward to see differences you will find on those two systems.


OK. I couldn’t wait until the weekend. :slight_smile:





What do you think so far :slight_smile:


It’s very early days, but my thoughts on CoffeeLake are quite favourable.
I still need to learn how to tame this beast, but an overclock to 5Ghz was quite easy with a v-core of 1.3V.

CoffeeLake doesn’t have the sheer grunt of Ryzen R7, and even with a 1.1Ghz clock advantage over RyZen, its still not as fast if you utilise all those cores.

cpuz 5GHz

Click on the picture to see the full result.


do you know your batch code on your cpu ? , i had my cpu in an asus board just to play before doing a friends build my cpu did 5.4 ghz @ 1.385 volt lol


Have you run a stability test at that speed and voltage?
I can get mine to 5.2GHz stable, but its getting to hot.
91C core temps, and the liquid cooling temps are 36C. So heat is not getting from the CPU die to the heat spreader because of that crappy TIM Intel use.

My 8700K batch number is L743E055


It passed 4 hours of tests temps maxing at 74c at that with a 360 aio . I would be delidding that cpu