AMD RYZEN discussion and benchmarks


Think we are going to have a hold my beer moment here


1643 was my 8700k with mce on only second was 5.3 ghz then a 7980XE which not sure if i wanna keep @ 4.2 ghz

7980XE hottest cpu known to man :o


Nice score on that 5.3GHz 8700K.

[quote=“marcus_667, post:83, topic:398781”]
7980XE hottest cpu known to man :o
[/quote]Also the most expensive CPU known. :slight_smile:

But if we’re bringing out the big guns. :slight_smile:

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All the ryzen stuff is pretty badass id have loved to have been a fly on the wall at Intel when threadripper released :joy:

I am just happy for all the competition that is happening

I think it is going back under DSR TR would be better for what i was planning on with it dont fancy delidding that cpu

8700K imc pretty strong also as it will run 4x 8gb @ 3866 mhz with 5.2 ghz no issues


[quote=“marcus_667, post:85, topic:398781”]
All the ryzen stuff is pretty badass id have loved to have been a fly on the wall at Intel when threadripper released :joy:
[/quote]Probably something along the lines of OMG!!!

[quote=“marcus_667, post:85, topic:398781”]
I am just happy for all the competition that is happening
[/quote]Me too.
It’s made CPU’s interesting again, and I would doubt you would have seen a six core CoffeeLake CPU if RyZen 7 had been a dud.

The next round will be even more interesting.
Intel CannonLake on a 10nm node size.
AMD Zen 2 on an 7nm node size, reported to be engineered to run with a 5GHz base clock.


Some big improvements from ryzen needed then if they are going to be running 5 ghz base i reckon that is a bit ambitious i reckon 4.6 is what they will top out at


I agree, if zen2 can do 4.5-4.6GHz it would be great and also if they make the memory to work at speed above 3400, finally if prices are the way that they are now, then Intel will have a headache.


Zen refresh, due the first half of 2018, built on a 12nm node size is already running at 4.4GHz to 4.5GHz, so I don’t think its being to unrealistic to expect 5GHz from 7nm.

I don’t think that Intel fear AMD on their own. It’s the AMD’s partners in this venture that Intel could well fear. Samsung, Microsoft, TSMC, IBM, Global Foundries. Samsung already have 7nm CPU’s running, and in products.

In any case, I don’t think Intel are to worried about the desktop market. Its the high profit server market where they are worried.

AMD EPYC (Zen) top of the range CPU has 32 cores 64 threads, 8 memory channels, 128 PCIe lanes costs $4200.

Intel’s top of the range server CPU Xeon Platinum has 28 cores 48 threads, 6 memory channels, and 88 PCIe lanes costs $12000.

AMD’s EPYC is faster in most cases, and that is running code that is heavily optimised for Intel. It also uses 35% less power than the Intel.


Read that x470 chipset is coming too so wondering if they are gonna do an intel


No idea about an x470, but i dont think that they will to an intel, they said that they will support the current socket up to 2020.
As for releasing an updated chipset, there are a lot of reason on why to do that, one would be new features, and most importantly to motherboard manufacturers, they have something new to sell.


AMD’s CPU roadmap is as follows.

14nm Summit Ridge (Ryzen) is what we have at the moment (socket AM4).

12nm Pinnacle Ridge (Ryzen refresh / Ryzen 2?) due the first half of 2018. Features a performance boost, better power efficiency, and some extra features (socket AM4).

7nm Matisse (Ryzen 2 / Ryzen 3 due sometime in 2019. Features better performance, better power efficiency, more features, and perhaps more cores. (socket AM4).

Support for socket AM4 to at least 2020.

Ryzen has all the controllers onboard the CPU package itself, such as memory controller, PCIe controller, SATA, NVMe, USB3/3.1. So there is no need to have to replace the motherboard each time a new CPU comes out. The south bridge on AM4 is simply an I/O port.

That wont stop them producing new motherboard chipsets though, with more features. I could speculate that X470 could have support for Thunderbolt, as Intel’s exclusive license on TB expires in 2018.


No idea if we will see x470, but i am sure that all motherboard manufacturers would like that, no matter if it offers new features or not.
Those that dont need a new board will stay with what they have and maybe update the CPU if they have a need for it, those that are looking to move to ryzen2 will be also interested on a new motherboard, so from what i can see it appears to be is a win win for all.

I decided, i will wait for mid 2018 and see what intel and amd have to offer, btw, thunderbolt is something that i find very interesting, but for the moment the adoption if very low i only hope that intel want make a mess with this.


i love all this nice discussion we are having regarding amd tried on other forums people just flame the living buggery out of you :joy: . Feb next year will be very interesting then


I finally got the money together for new DRAM.

The kit I went for was the one I talked about a few posts above, and the same DRAM that Marcus has used.

It’s the Team Group Dark Pro (8 PACK edition) DDR4 3200.
I just dropped the DRAM in, set the AMD XMP profile, and bingo, 3200MHz.
Nice low latency as well.
The 8 PACK DDR4 is guaranteed to use Samsung B Die ram chips, and the 8 PACK DDR4 3200 is also guaranteed to run at its rated speed on Ryzen.

So far I’m happy. :slight_smile:


Dee: The guy in that Coffee Lake video sounds like I would expect Sean to sound like. Is that an Irish accent or a Scot talking ?


which video?


From post 72 I believe


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From post 72 I believe
[/quote]if it is that video, that’s a south American if I’m not mistaken, and almost certainly speaking Spanish.


Ah, post #68?
That is a Scottish accent, in fact a local Scottish accent.


Thats the one Wendy. LOL I love it.


Sound like he is Scottish.