AMD RYZEN discussion and benchmarks


If you can live with Linux then you are fine, but most people would get lost with the amount of Desktop options that are available in Linux and probably go back to to the safety and the familiar interface of windows. I have seen this happening a lot of times.
Also if you can still use the programs that you want and have your job done on windows7, then there is not reason to move to another version of windows or another OS, unless you want to do that.

Most gamers at some point will have to move to win10, and that OS would be the only option. I know that you can install steam on Linux, but I dont think that gaming in Linux, currently, is at the same level as gaming in windows.


I play with Linux, but couldn’t go to it full time, as I have some expensive software that requires Windows, and I wouldn’t like to have to pay for a Linux version.

Is that the Team Group 8 pack edition DDR4 from OCUK?
Its on my wish list, but don’t quite have the funds for it at the moment.


A quick update for those of who’re running Windows 7 on modern hardware and are being refused updates by Microsoft. Apparently Microsoft’s update refusals for Windows 7 Ryzen PCs is nothing more than a strong-arm tactic to force people to upgrade to Windows 10. Someone with the user name Zeffy sifted his way through Windows 7 update code until he located the file that Microsoft plants on your Windows 7 computer that prevents it from receiving updates. Thankfully Zeppy made a downloadable patch that neutralizes Microsoft’s code and restores Windows 7’s ability to download updates. I applied the patch this morning and then immediately ran Windows update and installed about 280 MB of updates. My Windows 7 Ryzen computer was already running stable except that Malwarebytes was refusing to update and then new Windows updates fixed it. Here’s the link to the patch. Notice that there is both a 64 bit and 32bit patch and that it’s good for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.


Sure is , Waiting for 8700K to come out see how good or bad it is before throwing cash at it


Now running an 8700k @ 5.2 ghz much much happier


This is the processor that I am looking at, but so far I am not that happy with the motherboards :frowning: from looks to features, especially the usb ports, some of them have only 5USB type-a and one type-C there I was under the wrong impression that most peripherals now days use usb to connect, or to charge.

@marcus_667 btw, what motherboard did you get?


Could you run CineBench R15 (multithreaded) CPU test and post result please?
Also, was that one of those binned 8700K from OCUK

From what I hear. Z370 is just a re-engineered Z270 and is a stopgap because Z390 wasn’t ready.


You could be right here, I know that intel rushed the release of their six core cpu’s so that they can have a competing product in the market,
I am not in a rush to change my setup, so I will wait to see what AMD has plans for their update, and also what Z390 would offer.


Has anyone read the reviews of the CoffeeLake 8700K?
I have, and the results are all over the place. Sometimes giving impossible scores for a six core CPU clocked at 3.8GHz.

This rather long video explains why. :slight_smile:
Worth a view if you want to learn something about system testing.


@vroom i got an asrock Extreme 4 as i didnt wanna spend nearly 300 on a board due to z390 being out next year

@Dee ee the cpu was a 5 ghz bin one i had a call with 8pack and he stated that there was more to be had out of them usually up another bin so most 5 will do 5.2 5.2 could do 5.4 i have had 5.4 on this but couldn’t get stable cinebench scores was 1652 @ 5 ghz and 1714 @ 5.2


Thanks Marcus. I’ll catch up with you later.

Had to post this parody.
WARNING! contains bad language.

This is Intel’s CEO reaction to RyZen


Nice one Dee :iagree:


@Dee what cpu are you running ?

Never mind seen your on a ryzen 1700


The video was just a bit of fun, and no doubt I could find a parody that makes fun of RyZen.

Thanks Marcus for telling us your CineBench score.
The reason I asked you to post that was that CineBench reflects my PC usage. I’m not a gamer, and mainly use the heavy crunching power of the PC for multi track digital audio with Avid Protools.

With SkyLake I had some pretty decent DSP performance, but not quite as much performance as I needed to bring my setup upto the standard you find in a high end recording studio.
RyZen changed that, and I have enough CPU performance with RyZen7 1700 to run as many DSP’s as I want, and still have lots of headroom for the future.

When I decided to go AMD and RyZen, I knew CoffeeLake was just around the corner, and that there would be a six core variant. The base clock on 8700K was originally to be 2.3GHz. If that had stayed the same, RyZen would have slaughtered it, and Intel knew that, so Intel bumped it up to 3.8GHz, with a turbo on one core upto 4.7GHz.

Asus among other motherboard vendors use a feature called MCE (Multi Core Enhancement) which overclocks all cores to 4.7GHz. It seems many review sites didn’t know this was on by default, so actually thought they were benchmarking 8700K at stock speeds, when in actual fact they were benchmarking it overclocked.
Some sites were reporting temps, at a supposed stock speed, of 90c and above when the system was under load. :slight_smile: .

As far as I’m aware those binned OCUK 8700K’s have been de-lidded and good quality themal paste applied, but 8700K runs hot.
What cooling are you using, Marcus?

To sum up.
I’m still glad I went for Ryzen. With a Cinebench score of 1724 its still faster than CoffeeLake at 5.2GHz, and I paid less for my RyZen 7 1700 and Asus ROG Crosshair VI Hero motherboard, than you paid for the 8700K on its own.

Having said that. If I was a gamer, I would have no doubt that the 8700K would be the faster option.
Enjoy your new rig Marcus.


@Dee I Still have the 1700x and mobo sat in a draw i just felt the lack of single core ipc performance as i come from 6800k @ 4.3 to 1700x @ 4.1 . my asrock mobo has that MCE. This pc is a gaming pc / photo editing . and I dont dislike Ryzen just my experience made me want to hit small children even with ram on the QVL and changing mobos.

I am at a phase in life where i just want to throw it together and it work no messing, I am using a 240 Aio from ocuk with 2x sp120 corsair quiet editions with thermal grizzly hydronaut

There is also a 1080Ti sat in my pc too

I have had stick from people because i got an 8700K but I do what i want my cash i respect peoples choices so. I say to people if your happy sod what anyone else reckons


Absolutely, It’s your money, your choice.


just debating what to do with my old gear now probably ebay it


New BIOS 1701, has allowed me to get my DRAM running at the correct speed, and at last allows an overclock to 4GHz.

It wont go any faster than this, but it’s not bad for £279 CPU.
Now the score to beat is 1811.


That looks impressive also very good to see that AMD continues to work on making ram work faster.
The speed of the ram is 3000 - 3200mhz ?


Corsair Vengeance LPX, rated at 2666Mhz.
A very old kit, which I could only run at 2133MHz before this new BIOS.
RyZen scales very well with RAM speed.