AMD RYZEN discussion and benchmarks


it looks nice, simple and easy to use and probably would make life easier. I would still prefer to read and learn how to make all the changes in the bios and how through software.


Just for info.
Ryzen Master is currently the only software that will accurately display CPU temps for the Ryzen CPU’s.


not a Ryzen CPU, but here is what is inside the threadripper, pictures were uploaded by der8auer.
or those of us that dream about 16C/32T :stuck_out_tongue:


Roman Hartung (der8auer) is one of the only reviewers in the world to have access to every motherboard and chip in the industry. He owns and works with a company called Caseking in Germany. They sell fully built systems and will overclock them so they are stable and warranty the overclock. They do not sell their systems in the USA , and even if they did, I wouldn’t buy one. Imagine having to replace a part from germany LOL


The AMD Threadripper is a Ryzen CPU. Its the top of the Ryzen Line.


I know some parts of this, but its interesting to see any store to sell and honor the warranty on the overclocked system, here this is more often used as an excuse not to honor the warranty because you oveclocked.


Now this is interesting for a couple of reasons.

1, There are clearly 4 CPU dies in ThreadRipper, and each Zen die has 8 cores, so this is actually a 32 core CPU, most likely an AMD EPYC CPU, with two disabled dies, or more likely 4 cores disabled on each die.

2, The picture also clearly shows that RyZen CPU’s are soldered to the heat spreader. A task that Intel says is not possible with FINFET technology, so Intel use the crappy TIM. :slight_smile:


The main question is how well it will perform with 32C/64T and what the temps will be like, also pricing.

I remember reading about the TIM on latest Intel CPUs, a lot of people complain about the performance and how it got improved with a new TIM.
I am not an engineer so I can say if its possible or not to solder the heat spreader but AMD had done it, so my guess will be that Intel saves a lot of money by putting TIM and not soldering the heat spreader.
Also for a long time they did not have any competing CPU from AMD, so they could do what ever they like.

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Now I only hope that they will be fixing some of those issues with the release of coffe lake (?) and will be smart enough to have 6c/12t on their mainstream platform z370 or what ever they would call it, and most importantly with an attractive pricing.


Off topic
Now I only hope that they will be fixing some of those issues with the release of coffe lake (?) and will be smart enough to have 6c/12t on their mainstream platform z370 or what ever they would call it, and most importantly with an attractive pricing.

I think I will be heaven before Intel ever lowers any of their CPU prices. That would be a direct admission that AMD is giving them a run for their money. LOL


But AMD does give them a run for their money :wink: either they like it or not. the only solution to slow the AMD train is lower the prices, not by much but enough for people to still consider Intel a better option, plus they did manage to make a mess with their x299 and that did not go well even with the most hardcore Intel fan boys.

Soon we will know what Intel wants to do when it comes to pricing.


Starting price of the Threadripper is 549.00USD to price is 999.99


The 1950x Threadripper is $999 and scores just over 3000 (without LN2):


Yes but the ryzen 7 1700 has an even lower titrating price, plus the motherboards are cheaper, you dont need quad channel ram, :slight_smile: the 12C/24T pricing is very aggressive.

I want to see inside the box, not sure about it, but I read that I comes with a water cooler? No idea if this is true or not.


There will be a 6/12 core Coffee Lake CPU, but with a base clock of 3.7GHz. IMO it would need to be priced below that of RyZen 1700 to be competitive. Ryzen 1700 is currently priced at £289 and a 4 core KabyLake 7700K is priced at £349, so I don’t see Intel pricing a 6 core Coffee Lake at £289.


I dont believe that Intel will price their 6c/12t at the same price as the AMD 1700, but they could make it £300-340 pounds, so that they can make the product more attractive. If I am honest this would be the way to go for them, slightly lower prices, because we can, and not that lower so that they admit that they lost market compared to the new AMD Ryzen CPUs.

I believe that soon we will know more about their pricing.


Installing the new Threadripper in a TR4 socket


Yep I upgraded my rig about two weeks ago. I had a rig with an i7-4790k. My current one has the R7 1800X. I used the Cooler Master Mastercase 5 for mine. I wanted the carrying handles so it’s easier to move it around when needed. Used a Noctua cooler - and although it runs louder then the Cooler Master 212 EVO on my old build, it’s not “that” much louder. Got a good deal on an MSI GTX1070 Gaming X 8GB DDR5 (found one for $350 shipped). This thing is perfectly fine for my needs. FWIW, I monitor all my CPU temps with CoreTemp. My R7 1800X doesn’t run any hotter than my i7-4790k did.


Specs and prices are released for the Intel SkyLake X 12 to 18 core processors.

The 12 core will be available August the 28th, and the 14 to 18 core processors will be available from September 25th.


I still think the AMD Threadripper 1950X is a better deal than anything in the i9 lineup. I mean look at the 7980XE - you’re getting 18core/36thread (which is an additional two cores/four threads), but $2000? Yeah nope I’ll pass.


Not only that, but from a quick calculation, the 16 core AMD ThreadRipper 1950X will be faster than the Intel 18 core i9 7980 simply because the base clock of the i9 7980 is very low compared to that of ThreadRipper 1950X.

I think Intel are in trouble, and I will try to explain that later when I can find a little bit of time.