AMD RYZEN discussion and benchmarks


Also, AMD is testing 7nm GPUs right now and will follow with CPUs later this year. They expect to deliver 7nm products in volume in 2019. The rumors I have read say these CPUs should easily hit the 5ghz mark.


IMO, Intel should abandon 10nm, and just aim straight for 7nm.

7nm is very hard to do, as silicon is fast approaching its physical atomic limits.
A silicon atom has a diameter of 0.2nm, but you cant make a transistor from a single atom. a transistor has a base, emitter, and collector, and they need to be separated. So in a perfect world that would require a minimum of 6 atoms, if my maths are correct that would mean 1.2nm is the physical atomic limit for a silicon transistor.

Many experts are saying that 2nm will be the limit for a silicon transistor, but others are saying 4nm is more likely to be the final node size for silicon tarnsistors, then another semiconductor material will have to be found.


I probably won’t be alive to see the basic makeup of integrated circuits move to a different process but we are much closer to the end of shrinking the size using current technology.

I just picked up a 2200G to do a low budget test run build using a Ryzen CPU. I am using engineering software that needs a motherboard with BIOS and motherboard serial numbers registered in the BIOS. It seems ECS motherboards might do this but finding a brand that does has been a real challenge. I decided on a Ryzen build because I read that many of the AM4 boards that support the Ryzen APUs will do 4k @ 60 hz even though they claim to have HDMI 1.4 video connectors. Since I use a 4k TV as a CAD monitor, this would be convenient if it is true.

If anyone can confirm a motherboard brand that registers the BIOS and motherboard serial in the BIOS it would be greatly appreciated. Pre-built computers from HP, Dell etc. do this but not many boards that are meant for DIY’ers offer it.


@Dee updated my z370 for 8 core cpus that are incoming gonna get my mitts on a 9900k if possible . done 3 builds on ryzen 2000 stuff been decent should have been the release chips tbh .

also p3.10 is the bios im on running 5.4 ghz @ 1.380 volt in bios LLC @ level 2 temps topping out at 71 c


AMD’s 7nm ZEN 2 architecture isn’t going to be fabricated by Global Foundries as they have halted all development of 7nm. Instead ZEN 2 (Matisse) will be fabricated by TSMC and is on track for late 2018 or early 2019.

AMD are reported to already have working Matisse samples.


Thats all good, but how much this will affect the power consumption? also, will it be a better overclocker?


I guess we will have to wait and see.


Did anyone buy an Intel 9900K 8 core desktop CPU yet?

In the UK it is selling for £600, which IMO is a crazy price for a desktop CPU.


They have them at my computer parts store for 569.99 USD


Its a very expensive CPU for my taste, from what I have read it performs great, but i personally would be looking at the AMD site, much better value for price plus with the money that intel is asking you can either go for HEDT, again staring from the threadripper that continues to have excellent value for money, or even go for the X299 from intel.

Also not impressed with intel dropping hyper threading on all their i3/i7 and having it only on the i9.
No idea what they are thinking, or if they just want to say that we also have this in our lineup.
I would guess that its the second part, sadly.


I’ve only good experiences with the AMD Ryzen CPU/APUs so far.
I am using Ryzen 5, 7 and even the APU 2400G for more than a year now and they are still rockin’!
The only disandvantage about the 2200G/2400G is about their incompatibility within windows 7 in any flavour. Impossible to use these APUs with windows 7.

Beside that, especially the 2400G is a great value for money APU/CPU. :+1:


I have one and rtx 2080ti


They are marked down in the USA to $499.99 from $ 529.00 retail. The 9900K is not for me, it runs way to hot.


Anandtech have some details of ZEN 2, Ryzen 3000 series (7nm Matisse).

Due Q2 2019. It is said that at a minimum, it will be as fast as Intel 9900K, but draw 50W less power, and the first desktop platform to support PCIe4, and all running on socket AM4.
You can bet it will be a lot cheaper than Intel 9900K as well.


Its all spurious facts really atm until we get proper retail samples . the 9900k was pinned to 3.6 ghz wasn’t allowed to boost from what ive seen. i really want amd to hurt intel

Also no single core bench marks yet again so …