AMD RYZEN discussion and benchmarks


im on an older bios 1.30 i think and on level 1


Level 1 doesn’t allow the core voltage to droop at all, so you could get a voltage spike when AVX instructions are executed by the CPU.
I don’t need 5Ghz to 5.2Ghz so badly as to risk that. Not for long-term use anyway, although I may give it a try for a couple of benchmarks then clock it back down to 5GHz.


New Bios for AsRock Extreme 4 (Z370) version 1.80.
Bios focuses on better DRAM compatibility but I also noticed that vdroop in this BIOS is much more under control.
This has allowed me to drop vcore form 1.32V to 1.305V at 5GHz. This isn’t a huge drop, but its dropped the max temps down by another 4C.


5Ghz is the sweet spot for my 8700K. It’s now completely stable with 1.31 volts LLC level 2, and low noise from my cooling solution.

It is stable at 5.1GHz but requires 1.38 volts and LLC level 1. Temps get a bit high, and noise becomes a problem for me. Whereas at 5GHz I have nice low temps, and the cooling solution is near silent.

Anyway, here are a couple of benchmarks with it clocked at 5.1Ghz.


Nine days until the Ryzen refresh CPU’s are available, although some people clearly already have the CPU in their possession.

Here is a 2700X clocked at 4.5Ghz, with a very high v-core voltage.
TDP has risen from 95W to 105W.


That is a high voltage. They must have some serious cooling going on.



I think enthusiast overclockers don’t really care about degrading the CPU by putting very large v-core through the CPU, even if the CPU breaks after a couple of months. as long as they have bragging rights to the highest overclock.

Meanwhile, the rest of us who don’t have money to burn are a bit more conservative with v-core.

Of course we don’t yet know the engineering of that CPU yet, so perhaps nearly 1.7V is ok. :slight_smile:

4.5GHz on 8 cores is going to make the 2700X a very fast CPU.


I have been considering an upgrade to my 3770K work computer and these new Ryzens might be enough to do it. There has been a lot of good buzz going around about them so it will be interesting to see what they can actually do. Regardless, it is so good to see AMD being competitive. They have definitely knocked Intel out of the rocking chair they have been sitting in for years and years.


Really hope amd can bridge the gap quickly i feel intel is readying something


The RyZen 2 reviews are out, and 2700X looks extremely impressive.

Looks like AMD have pretty much closed the gap, and if you take value for money as the main reason to buy AMD, then the new RyZen CPU’s are way ahead.


from the gaming benchmarks i have seen elsewhere they have closed in but still rather have my 8700k for outright gaming performance


Isn’t Ice Lake coming out soon?


If any app be that a game or something else which doesn’t scale across the CPU cores well, then the CPU with highest clock speed and IPC will always be fastest. Anything that can scale across CPU cores will be fastest on the CPU with the most cores, and highest clock speed.

Intel has a clear advantage in some usage patterns, AMD has the advantage in others.

Also bare in mind that the tests that AnandTech run on the 2700X CPU’s were against Intel systems that were also fully patched for Meltdown and Sceptre vulnerabilities. Which is known to hit Intel performance much more than AMD.

If they can get 10nm to work. They had no luck with CannonLake, and IceLake still doesn’t appear on any Intel CPU road maps.

AMD Matisse (ZEN2) on 7nm is on schedule for late 2018 or early 2019, and is on track.

We’ll have to wait and see, but you can be sure that Intel will not allow AMD to get ahead of them, if they can in any possible way stop them.
That very real competition from AMD can only be good for us consumers.


Thanks Wendy. I thought Cannon Lake was just for servers.


the 2xxx is what ryzen should have been on release to be honest maybe ill have a dip again at some point


Launch Date: June 8, 2018
SKU: "Intel Core i7-8086K 40th Anniversary Edition"
Specs: 8th Gen (CFL), 6C/12T, 5 GHz Turbo, unlocked.


so having tested a 2700x my 8700k still feels smother in adobe and desktop and gaming , maybe next time for me. bloody good for money though :slight_smile:


have we seen the news about the gentleman who designed the zen architecture has gone to intel


I read about it, but if the foundation of the ryzen architecture was good amd should not have any issues with their next gen of CPU’s.


Intel states that they will not be mass producing their 10nm CPU’s until sometime in 2019.