AMD releases details on Steamroller architecture - will this beat Intel?

I just posted the article AMD releases details on Steamroller architecture - will this beat Intel?.

Yesterday we showed some leaked information on AMDs upcoming Piledriver CPUs, today AMD officially announced information (click for the original presentation) on a new architecture; Steamroller.

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“will this beat Intel?”

I sure as hell hope so. I would even be happy if its performance came within 10% of a similarly-priced Core i7.

No. I feel Intel will not stand still. AMD will forever play catchup but does so badly. Bulldozer was a step back for efficiency per core. An X4 965 beats 8150 on many test.

I would go Intel exclusive unless cost is absolute concern.

It would be nice to think that AMD could at least match Intel on performance and efficiency, but I kind of doubt they can do this with Steamroller.

I guess we will have to wait and see.

Some say there is a 600-800mhz dropoff per core (remember when it was 100-400mhz during the single & dual core days?) btw FX and the comparable i5 and i7 chips… so their top chips barely come close to the mid-grade chips… which means their top-tier R&D is failing to match middle-of-the-road consumer grade chips, let alone the high end and server/corporate markets…

While Intel has no interest in stomping AMD into the ground, if they actually wanted to, they probably could quite easily— but would face the wrath of anti-trust government regulators around the world… so, a weak AMD is much better than NO amd…

We can only hope that amd also takes advantage of the developments in 3D transistor technology, and huge improvements in semiconductor materials that have happened over the last few years. It just seems like their chips have been using old semiconductor fdabrication techniques and technology, resulting in inefficient and slow CPUs.
The amd GPU divisions seems to be doing ok, with performance per watt, and performance per dollar being quite impressive.