AMD Phenom II X2 560 Black Edition vs Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 vs Intel Core i5-680 vs Intel Core i3-550

Hi all, I’m building a Dual Core PC from scratch soon and from the choices of Cpu’s nowadays, I’ve picked 4 cpu’s. I wanna use the Pc for gaming, video converting and general daily use. I dont want to overclock because i’ve never tried. And i want to put a recent Graphic card in the pc but the core i5 680 and core i3 550 have and in-built gpu processor. So my question is which one of these cpu’s is the best performing and fastest in gaming and best value for money?

Thanks In Advance


if you don’t want to overclock, then an AMD Black Edition is a waste of money. A “non-Black” Phemon should be significantly cheaper andd not much slower.

Intel’s Core2duo is being phased out - I am not sure if you plan upgrading in future.

As for the i3/i5: the i5 can “overclock” itself on demand, I forgot the marketing expression for that feature. Please be aware that some features of intel CPUs are only available if these are combined with certain motherboard chipsets. This is not a technical, but a marketing decision.

In my opinion, the performance differences between the AMD and the i5 is not very high, so you want to look for the price/performance balance. You need to take into account CPU and motherboard. Also take into account the features and interfaces your new system “must have”. For example, Intel has ditched the PATA interface, and they are now starting to get rid of the PCI slots. Motherboard manufacturers need then to solder 3rd party interface chips onto the boards which makes the stuff more expensive and adds additional compatibility problem sources. Oh, Intel based motherboards are not yet Sata-6GB ready. Unlike the new AMD chipsets.


[QUOTE=mciahel;2558187]As for the i3/i5: the i5 can “overclock” itself on demand, I forgot the marketing expression for that feature. [/QUOTE] Intel Turbo Boost

hi, Michael: If the C2D E8600 is being phased out ,then why is it so much more expensive then the Amd or the i3?

And since i don’t want to overclock then i guess the AMD Phenom II X2 545 should be fine. But i’ve never had a system with an AMD cpu in it, i’ve only had Intel Cpu pc’s, so if i pick the AMD ,its gonna be first time experience.