Amd overdrive

i am running an amd athlon 64 fx 3500+ (2.211 ghz) cpu on a foxcon 6150k8ma-8krs mobo and have downloaded and tried 7 versions of amd overdrive and not one of them will overclock my cpu.
some versions will run ,but will limit most oc options.other ver: will deny i even have an amd cpu.aaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh.
what is going on here???
can anyone help me here? please!!


[QUOTE=raconcee;2215664]i am running an amd athlon 64 fx 3500+ (2.211 ghz) cpu on a foxcon [B]6150k8ma-8krs [/B]mobo [/QUOTE]

You will need an AMD chip-set based mobo to use AMD Overdrive successively as you
are using an [U][B]Nvidia[/B][/U] based chip-set mobo you will have no luck what so ever in getting
it to ever run correctly. :disagree: You will need something like say a [U][B]AMD 740 - 790GX [/B][/U]based
chip-set mobo as the Overdrive utility isn’t just dependent on having an AMD CPU but
having a combination of a AMD CPU + AMD chip-set mobo. :iagree:

Here is a list of AMD chip-set based mobo’s at newegg.

sitting in front of you rather red faced. of course with the nvidia chip, overdrive wont function very well. so intent on o/c,ing, i missed obvious. der! thanks for links. will pursue other methods. ta, raconcee

I’m running an AMD based chipset (770) along with an X2-6400+ and it won’t work with my setup. Here’s my motherboard:

I wonder why it won’t work??