AMD K6 / EPoX Problem



I have a HUGE problem!!! :frowning:

I’ve got an AMD K6-3 450 but can’t get it to go faster than 400.

My motherboard is an EPoX MVPG3.

I’ve tried with different hardware, meaning I’ve chanced:

CPU from AMD K6-2 400 (Not faster than 350!!)
RAM (PC100) (Tried with 3 friends RAM’s)
Diamond Viper 550 (Tried several others)
Different HD’s
Got motherboard changed twice (new both times)
Only thing left to be tested with is a new power supply or cabinet.

Please help me out…


Please respond by mail, thanx!

Please reply on this address :


Why even use a motherboard that is not recommended by AMD?
In any case, have you bothered to check their website?
They seem to have a problem labelling jumpers correctly.
Case, powersupply or video card will have no effect at all.


It is certified by AMD!!!

And I have set the jumpers right as it’s working with 2 friends of mine with the same settings!