AMD, Intel CPUs on same mobo

The possibilities this opens up are enormous and with plenty of features on-board, ECS are confident they have every hardware need covered for the next two years.

The mainboard itself features an SiS965 Southbridge and SiS656 Northbridge for full Intel P4 1066 FSB support on the Intel LGA775 platform. What makes this board special is that by using a converter card you can slot in your AMD 939 Athlon 64 chip and have that running on the board instead.

Full First Look can be Read @ Hexus.Net

Thats a pretty interesting idea. I kind of wonder what kind of computer user/builder you would market it to though. I have never been that impressed with ecs quality or performance. I am running an ecs board on this computer but thats just because I got it bundled with a cpu for less than the cpu would normally cost.

I hope the card is not just for ECS motherboards. :slight_smile: