AMD in financial problems

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Among the CD Freakers, AMD CPU’s are quite popular. Because of their high speeds, low prices and good overclockability most people can’t stand the temptation.
A bad thing is that due to the low…

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yeah yeah intel roelz, you want a descent&stable machine ? get an intel based, you want a cheap system and you dont care much about stability ? Go for a amd based system (note; I dont say intel cpu’s are better then amd, I say intel based systems are better) :slight_smile:

amd = cheap , fast , not that stable , bad heat protection intel = expensive , fast , stable , good heat protection i mainly got an amd (1,4ghz)because : its a german (so i am) company , cheap , speed read this article about what happens if you remove the cooler of your cpu :4

Why would AMD need to relese cheaper processors with higher frequency? If I’m not mistaken amd’s processors are much faster than intel at the same clock frequency, thus the new naming convention with next generation amd’s, Athlon XP. With them they will reintroduce the performance rating, thus giving us the Athlon XP 1700+ (1.4Ghz) and so on… (btw, my amd1200 system with winxp is very stable)

The only stability problems with AMD-based systems is the VIA garbage motherboards people put into them…AMD cpus kick ass, but the motherboards for them overall are not that great. But when the nForce comes out, hopefully this will all change and the SiS735 looks pretty good, might not be as fast as the KT266A, but its not VIA :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone of you were in this buisness “before time”. You would know why some people use Intel and not AMD. I will not make a lager discussion about it so i’ll leave my story open.

Yo Zylon - lets hear your story. I’m sitting here praying AMD dont drop out. It’s thanks to them that CPU prices dropped so low. Plus, intels new processors keep getting lamer and lamer - P4 sucks ( They removed too many important chips to try save money!! AMD BABY!!!

hope it all gets sorted for amd, top compnay with great products i think the amd is very stable especially with winxp, had no probs i wouldnt say its any better/worse than my old p2, stability wise

Uhhh AMD has stability problems? Ummm you intel freaks must have forgotten about intels 850 chipset … whoooooo … oh ya and rambus … haha theres some inovation … the athlon 1.4ghz is only now being out matched by intels 2.0ghz system… you tell me who makes the better processor? Oh ya and who supports ddr ram? You’d have to be blind not to see that amd’s processors are better performers and better deals!:stuck_out_tongue:

If intel is so good read some news on than come again OK

Here’s some info… ========== 1.) AMD cpus have a stronger FPU (floater point unit). 2.) AMD’s are pretty damn stable when using an AMD761 chipset 3.) PIV run on a lower voltage than AMDs thus the lower temperatures 4.) Newer AMDs can run DDR PC2100 5.) Intel has a strong cpu HOWEVER to unlock it’s “power” every piece of software MUST have the optimization for SSE2 instructions. Once this is done, it woops on AMDs pretty bad 6.) RAMBUS gives way more bandwidth when compared to DDR 7.) PIVs have a mechanism where it can save itself from burning up if the cpu fan were to go out all of a sudden (AMDs burn up within 3 seconds or so) 8.) AMD cpus won’t be categorized anymore by their ghz, I believe a 1.4 will be a 1600 series(it performs as a PIV 1.6 ghz, someone add more to this) ================== there may be more but that’s all I can remember right now. What system do I have you ask? Athlon 1.4. Why? Intels need a bit more work on their cpu, then maybe I’d consider getting one once reviews are out. Peace out CDfREAKS… :slight_smile:

RAMBUS has less bandwidth than DDR using a single channel (RAMBUS=800MB/s while DDR=2.1GB/s). The advantage is that RAMBUS is used in a four channel setup (4x800MB/s=3.2GB/s) thus giving its greater bandwidth. nForce, due out soon I hope, uses a dual-DDR channel (2x2.1GB/s=4.2GB/s) so it will have more bandwidth to toy with than current RAMBUS solutions. I wish Intel and AMD could be put in a identical board, then bench the bitches to see who is king :8 Btw, I do have an old AMD chip (K5 233MHz) running in a Intel 430TX - runs great for its speed, no stability problems at all - even the old AMD shit runs fine if placed in a descent motherboard! The motherboard is the key to a stable system (well one of the BIG factors).

Its not the issue here weather intel is better than AMD etc etc… We should be supporting other chip makers etc Afterall we all (OK most of us) bitch about Microsoft here with their monopoly etc - isnt it a similar situation with Intel??? We’re just going downt he sam reoad here as th old computers wars (ZX SPectrum Vd. CBM C64, CBM Amiga Vs Atari systems) and of course Linux Vs. Windows…

Look all i can say is i think intel isnt always the best solution and after you look at this motherboard that is selling for $400 canadian you will see who is the best (like to intel compete with this board) awsome is all I can sya wow!

True rambus may have more bandwidth but its latency is so high you might as well be using sdram.

Also the new AMD 64bit CPU code named “Clawhammer” for workstaions will be backwards compatible with 16 bit and 32 bit applicaions. The New 64bit Intel CPU won’t run 32bit anymore. So now you have go any buy Win XP and wait for 64bit software to be releasesd. I’ll stick with AMD. Been using them since the K5 days. :slight_smile: