AMD Dual Core Optimizer

Does anyone have this installed and can you give me a brief explaination of what this tool does exactly.?,30_182_871_13118,00.html

It’s mainly intended for WinXP systems that are having issues with dual core functions. I’m running WinXP-pro-SP2 here with no optimizer and it runs fantastic. Best not to install it unless you are trying to solve some relevant issue.

Thanks CDan, I thought it was something along those line but was not sure.:o

Yo Alan-

When I changed my AMD 64 3800 to the dual core 4400+ - I installed the AMD program and everything has worked stunningly for over a year-eh!!

Hi bigmike7, I downloaded it and installed it. But it does nothing. Does it just run on its own when installed. Is their no GUI to this program?

Yes it runs on its own in the background, it makes sure that the 2 cores run in synch. Take the game painkiller for instance without the optimiser the game runs really weird (like the character is skipping instead of running) with it the game runs properly, but there are still some programs that you need to go and set affinity for.

It has nothing to do with the os your using its meant for programs that usually only run on one core but run badly on two.

Thanks slayerking. That answers alot of my questions. Even though I am not a real gamer I guess it cannot hurt to leave it running.:wink:

Alan, I have it installed on my system and it runs rock solid. I have never seen any problems from installing the optimizer.

AMD 4200+ X2

I have asked this quite a few times, and the answer has always been YES, but you guys seem to know more about what the AMD Dual Core Optimizer does… so… here I ask again:

Will it work on Intel processors? Is it a Windows XP issue, not specific to AMD processors? I am running an Intel Pentium D (dual core) 3.00GHz 830 processor.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

It’s not intended for Intel CPUs and why would you need it in the first place?

[QUOTE=alan1476;1883625]Does anyone have this installed and can you give me a brief explaination of what this tool does exactly.?,,30_182_871_13118,00.html[/QUOTE]

I have just downloaded the AMD Dual Core Optimizer V1. Is this suitable for win2k pro?

Hi and Welcome![QUOTE=Fiery_WA;2271763]I have just downloaded the AMD Dual Core Optimizer V1. [/quote]I am slightly confised, since I can find only version 1.1.4 on AMD website.

Is this suitable for win2k pro?
Didn’t find any documentation about that, not even system requirements are given.
So you better have a backup.
What can happen:

[li]it just works
[/li][li]the installer complains about unsupported Window version
[/li][li]it crashes your system
[/li][/ul]So you better have a backup.


I downloaded it from, and thats the reason I am asking the question, I have just reinstalled my OS, and installed a new graphics card. I DO NOT WANT A SYSTEM CRASH!!!

I personally don’t see any benefit from that tool. According to the description on Techspot, it may improve the performance of some games.


Well it doesn’t matter anyways, it will not run on Win2k. The reason I downloaded it, was because my GeForce 7600GT graphics card fan was sounding like a jet plane, so I bought a GeForce 9500GT with heatpipes, the problem I am having is minimal, but annoying. Whenever I alt tab out of Warcraft, the whole system locks up for around 20 seconds. And I am guessing it has something to do with the Graphics Card, well that and Win2k.

Hi all ! I stumbled across this forum while surfing and just decided to put place a comment regarding the AMD optimizer. A bit about my rig. Sitting on an ASUS M2N-E with 4gigs, I’m running an AMD Dual Core AM2 6400+ @ 3200Mhz 2x160gig Raptors @10k, and a GF 7950GT. I could tell you from experience the following programs and games and apps ran substantially better after installing the optimizer.All sound and video problems I had with WinTV went away. My FSX runs twice as smooth. Im a big video editor using Studio 12 and it was a pleasure editing with this system after I optimized. Keep in mind I have an older Graphics card and it generated an awesome performance with Games like COD4, Crysis, FEAR which I completed all ran with out skipping a beat with awesome graphics. My system has been running without a glitch and super stable for over a year. I haven’t even thought of upgrading.