AMD CPU voltage question

Its been probably answered before,but I have Athlon XP 2500 Barton and in BIOS it shows 1.63volts and when I run Asus PC probe always the same 1.76 volts. Which is true?

PC Probe isn’t always reliable, I would trust the BIOS reading more. Download the last freeware version of Everest Home Edition and compare the readings. If you’re afraid your cpu is running too hot, you can probably reduce the voltage slightly in the BIOS.

Thanks. I wonder why asus probe would be so much off. CPU is usually 50-60 C, so it must be OK. The reason I am interested is cos my PC restarts either on startup or at the end of it, looks like power outage, just black screen and then it reboots. I will try this and that and then will make a thread for it.

Depending on the ambient temperature, that’s about 10° high for idle temp., but it shouldn’t crash the PC. Must be another cause.

Check your PSU. Might be time for a new one.